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  1. Flammable4444

    In-game Weapon skins does not properly work anymore.

    Category: Code, other. Reproducibility: Always. Summary: From now on all custom weapons that based of default weapons does not support skins. Description: I'v noticed, that since the latest update, custom weapons that based of existing kf2 weapons, no longer support skins. For example default...
  2. Flammable4444

    Deditacted server*"Rubberband (Bounce-freeze) Lag", because workshop.

    Title of the forum Thread - Deditacted server "Rubberband (Bounce-freeze) Lag", because workshop. Category: Server/Workshop Reproducibility: Always Summary: If your deditacted server conntected to workshop to download maps, it will lagg as hell Description: So after latest (DAR) update my...
  3. Flammable4444

    KF Get rid of Perk Discount

    Hello, I need a mutator that get rid of perk's weapon discount at shop. For example: Sharpshooter 2 lvl buys mac10 for