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  1. AssassinMonLV

    Low FPS on R9 290

    Hey guys, so I recently upgraded to the Sapphire R9 290 Tri-x, and I am getting low numbers for a card like this. In BF4 I get 80fps constant, sometimes dipping to 78fps, but in this game my fps stays constantly at 63/62 (bouncing back and forth really quickly), it never goes less or higher. I...
  2. AssassinMonLV

    Server Stopped Progressing Perks

    During play today a player on my server reported his perks would not level up, even though my server is whitelisted and has been leveling up perks for a couple months now. I tested to see if what the player had said was true and it was. I checked the KillingFloor.ini and made sure that SendStats...
  3. AssassinMonLV

    KF Requested Character Model

    Hey I'm Nick. I've been playing Killing floor for a long time now. Modding my server with different weapons, characters, mini games, etc. I have always been stumped at why no one had created a character model of Vincent from Final Fantasy VII. I came to the conclusion that not many people who...