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    Sooner or later you'll run out of memory

    I start with this quote: Originally Posted by poosh and few shots of how it realized in SCRNBalance: In PlayerController: simulated function ClientWeaponSpawned(class<Weapon> WClass, Inventory Inv) call PreloadAssets for spawned weapon - it run DynamicLoadObject and load meshref to Mesh. by...
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    [idea] Write custom sandbox mutator. together with GIThub or Google Code

    Hi, I have idea to write MonsterConfig mutator, but want try to make it together with community, sharing the code with other collaborators, so they will commit code too. firstly, need to build some logic and imagine how it must work: I suggest next concept: First In PerObjectConfig...
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    [mutator] WeaponConfig - edit weapons during gameplay

    Hi, mutator WeaponConfig allows you to edit weapon settings on the fly. it works for netplay too. all changes send to clients, so they syncronized. how it works. admin type in console mutate wpn menu (admin can bind it to button for fast access) menu showed values are for currently selected...
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    many Warnings in both client and server log - why?

    Hi all. I cant understand what can be the reason of this errors: client log Warning: MaleAnnouncer kf-DIE.MaleAnnouncer (Function Engine.AnnouncerVoice.PrecacheSound:00FD) Could not find adrenalin in nor in fallback package nor in Alternate Warning: MaleAnnouncer kf-DIE.MaleAnnouncer...
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    KarmaData in ServerPackages - impossible?

    Hi, is it real to somehow transfer KarmaData files from Server to Client like ServerPackages do? we are making some monster and when it dies, we want it go down not scripted or animated way, but using it own ragdoll physics. So need to transfer somehow it KarmaData to clients. - adding .ka...
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    Some way to replicate from Client to Server

    Hi, I wrote mutator WeaponConfig with GUI. Game admin send in console "mutate weaponconfig menu" Then Mutator open for that playercontroller some GUI menu with weapon settings. Player change some settings in this menu (client side), then press OK and some long string with settings that player...
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    Reference to struct type defined in another class

    Hi, Im stucked. I have mutator with main mutator class and some ObjectClass for this mutator. they share the same package. class SomeObject extends Object; struct SomeStruct { var float value; var float BonusMax; var float BonusLog; }; and mutator class SomeMut extends Mutator; var...
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    Change Light.LightBrightness during gameplay

    Hi, I want to make mutator that change Lights on maps dynamically. Im going Level.AllActors(class'Light', L) and then change L.LightBrightness the problem is that brightness change only on shader surfaces like weapons but level objects (walls) stay the same. I think they light calculated only...
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    Debug builds for UDebugger

    Hi, I think this question is more related to TWI devs. I need debug builds of Killing Floor and Unreal packages. Can I get it somehow?
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    Killing Floor and UDebugger ?

    does it works together? I read that need to have all files compiled with "ucc make -debug" switch. where can I get source of Unreal files? does anyone know Killing Floor & UDebugger is real to use? --- woo
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    Dynamic change trader portrait in SRHudKillingFloor

    Hi. I want change TraderPortrait. tryed this steps class ReplaceTraderMut extends Mutator; function PreBeginPlay() or PostBeginPlay() { class'SRHUDKillingFloor'.default.TraderPortrait = Portrait; class<SRHUDKillingFloor>(DynamicLoadObject("UnitedMut_v42.SRHUDKillingFloor"...
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    Dont switch to another weapon when AmmoAmount(0)==0

    We make Radio Bomb. Drop last bomb. need weapon stay active for alternative fire. Alternative fire explode all bombs.. the problem is. when Drop last bomb game make autoswitch to another weapon. how to hack it... so weapon with 0 ammo will stay
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    How to fix Unlimited Grenade Cheat/Bug

    ---------------------------------- SOLUTION founded (thanks to Marco) ---------------------------------- download
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    [Mutator] Anti AFK

    This Mut kick Idle players download --> here <-- (fixed version will not kick players that dead if they not idle. But if spectator is idle it will be kicked!!! added bKickSpectators=false in config for not kicking idle spectators) description of configuration file AFKMut.ini [AFKMut.AFKMut]...
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    Medic-spider, will heal all team. sorry but I must delete donwload links because I steal this mutator and have no rights to share it //------------------------------------------------------------------- Recommendation. Allow to buy only for medic (how-to see here) or look here in...
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    [HELP] Modify default weapon cost Mutator

    Hi. I found the way to change WeaponPickup.cost with mutator function PreBeginPlay() { class'SVD.SVDPickup'.default.cost = 1; } but in ServerPerksV510->CustomShop the cost string have old cost value. If I press Buy key in shop, the real cost is new = 1$ but the string is old cost. I mean...
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    [QUESTION] Access to value in other class

    Hi. I write a mutator and want to change some values from console. so what is the structure: KillingFloor\MyMutator\MainMutator.uc KillingFloor\MyMutator\MainMutatorExec.uc class MainMutator extends Mutator var() int SomeValue; class MainMutatorExec extends Admin exec function...
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    Decompile Encrypted .u package file

    Hi. How to encrypt .u package? to make it impossible to decomplie but possible to use? I have some encrypted .u package file. can anyone decompile it somehow? Here is the link to package and all needed textures animations meshes sounds needed to decompile it (70Mb)...
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    Weapon StartFire StopFire hook problem

    UPD. the problem is self-solved. allowfire() works but only on client side... because of it log("im in allowfire()"); and broadcast message not displayed/worked on server log window. to make it work need to use replication. so I maked replication { reliable if (ROLE < ROLE_Authority)...