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    Win 10 and RO2

    Although Im a long way from having Win 10, I was curious if anyone has or knows if Win 10 has any issues running RO2/RS ?
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    Some interesting PC related sites/links if must be moved, so be it.
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    Gamepad software

    Some of you guys may find this interesting or useful. Disclaimer: I just came across it, dont know anything about it.
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    Interesting upgrade thoughts

    I thought some of you guys might find this interesting
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    WW2 then and now pics
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    I found this to be interesting
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    These are the "RO1" forums, not "RO2"

    Look here
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    Fury movie coming in Nov 2014
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    Are Steam, RO2, and Punkbuster connected?

    This looks like something to answer this question, for you guys having issues with connection. :confused:
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    D Day 70 years ago
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    The more you know ,the less you will be at the mercy of others. This is a good example. TWB*SlowBull
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    SSD or HDD ??

    I am thinking of getting an SSD for RO2 and my OS, and I was curious if you guys that have them notice much faster loading times, or have any other thoughts about the subject. TWB*SlowBull
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    Umbra culling question

    I find that entering umbra culling in console makes my game run a bit smoother. My question is, do I need to enter it at the start of every gaming session, or with each map change, or....? Thanks for helping. TWB*SlowBull
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    A great place to start

    is to make the computer you have run it's best, I suggest this site for some great free programs and help, as well as . These guys live computers, I have never had any problems with any of their recommendations...
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    Improve your wireless....ness Just came across this, may help someone. TWB*SlowBull
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    Old Glory US server

    Besides most of the stock RO maps, we have added some of the larger custom maps (Berezina, FestungKurland, Elyna for example) to add some diversity to the server. Please come check them out and support the server. Thanks, TWB*SlowBull :)
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    TWB Euro servers have added some maps to the rotation

    Come check em out! TWB*SlowBull
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    Game Booster

    You guys with middle/lower end computers might want to try this, read the instructions, Ive had no problems with it TWB*SlowBull
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    More RAM = smiley

    Just went from 1 GB to 1.5 GB, helps a lot, games a lot smoother, I suggest you do it if you can. (same old P4 2.4, Radeon 9800 Pro 128 mb vid card) :)
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    Newest RealTek audio drivers