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    When is the Linux version coming out?

    Can we have eta on that?
  2. M redirect closedown 31/03/2015. Where to next? was great free redirect service. Sadly it is now closing down. Is there any other free or cheap alternatives? I used Skillz redirect earlier, which was great, but the common problem with publics is that some files there were mismatch with mine, which is annoying.
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    Killing Floor SDK working on Linux?

    I have managed to get SDK running via PlayOnLinux simply by installing Steam and SDK. I can build cubes and such, but i cannot get the selection menu to open. So i can't add lights, path nodes, etc. L+left mouse should create light, but it doesn't work either. Has anyone managed to get it...
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    How to change groundspeed in server?(kfhumanpawn grounspeed)

    One thing has annoyed me always in this game is the slow "running" speed of all perks. Is there way to easily change groundspeed (or other kfhumanpawn values) automatically when server starts? I found guide that it can be changed by decompiling and recompiling KFMod.u file, but is there no...
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    Can't find my other server in server list?

    I have two separate servers in same network with inbound ports changed and forwarded to them. For some reason killing floors server browser shows only the one with default ports in it (7707). Other 7710 can be connected but it's not showing up in server list. How can i fix that :confused:
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    Can't switch Xmas event off???

    Why cant i go back to normal zeds? I have set SpecialEventType=ET_None in kf-server.ini and tried others mentioned on the link below but Xmas zeds stay. I did get em on that way. I have also tried to set event via webadmins scrn config, but no...
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    How to add Guardian, Saboteur, Sentry tech, SMGS, Sniper etc. in SCRNB?

    Greetings. I was about to set up my own KF server, but i haven't quite figured out how to add those extra perks properly in there. Sentry Tech was only one that had complete settings ready to copy paste and it worked. Others i didn't manage to get working at all. If someone could kindly...