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    "Steam needs to be running" Message, even though steam is up

    I get this godawfull message claiming that no, steam is not running and you have no internet connection. Why geeh, I think, then how come I just started up steam, in Online mode, and started the game throught it. Blimey, my computer must be retarded. *restart game and try again* Ah.. Same...
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    [Request] Swedish Army m/1945B SMG

    Hi there. I, as I believe many with me, feel that while there are a lot of awesome weapons in the game, there are not a lot to choose from. Personally, being a Swefag, I would like for the addition of the Carl Gustaf m/1945B. The gun itself would deal the same damage per round as the 9mm, a...
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    Mods and MAC

    So, I recently discovered that I'd like to install some mods for my MAC.. Problem? Yes. I have no idea how. So if any nice fella out there could tell me how I'd be gratefull. Cheers Haineko :IS2:
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    Husks shots blown up by nade.

    So, does this actually work? I had two instance last time i played when the Husks shot detonated prematurely, just as i had fired a grenade at that very location.
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    Engineer perk, why and how.

    Well, I haven't read the forums too much, just made a profile today. Although i have played Killing Floor a lot, even before i bought it I tried it at friends houses and such. Now heres the quirk for me. I want an engineer class. Capable of repairing armors, a perk similair to the Support...