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    Rewarding death

    It occurred to me that the game rewards death. Especially commander death. If the commander keeps dieing the team will always have plenty of smoke. If the commander survives the whole round the team will be short on smoke. The same applies to other classes in lesser degrees. If my team is short...
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    Do shells Glow?

    In RO you can see a tank shell at over 500m away because of it's bright glow. Did real shells glow like this? What causes this effect if it is realistic?
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    Long range infantary maps

    How about some long range maps? And not for tanks! MG42 sights can be adjusted to go to 3500m yet in game we don't usually see infantry combat beyond 200m. Obviously a 3.5k infantry map wouldn't work well, but 700-800m of open field with a little cover would be nice. Perhaps a suggestion to...
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    Cease and desist / Why I <3 TW

    Dear Tripwire I represent a group of leading names from various high profile companies within the Gaming Industry. It has come to our attention that with your current ongoing project,
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    You like rare weapons....?

    Try some of these! "Vampir" ZG 1229 Infrared System It's the birth of the "OICW"'s night vision system. The germans where allredy useing IR too allow there tanks to see in the dark, but the "Vampir" was small enough to fit on a scoped STG44 rifle. The system was combat redy before the end of...
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    Sky Textures

    The sky textures on the map with the Petrol Yard (anyone got the name?) are terrible! The clouds are pixelated. The moon looks like its from a fantasy game. The stars are far too big and the whole thing moves far too fast. It really ruins that map for me. :(
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    Looking for ww2 models for mods?

    Looking for ww2 models? Guns, misc items and tanks with interiors? Take a look at the Operation Flashpoint (OFP) community. There are literally 100s of ww2 tank addons and I'm sure some of the creators would be willing to let you use their .p3d files and/or textures. The model quality ranges...
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    MG stands

    If I was using a MG i would use the stand to shoot from prone (obviously) That way the mg stays at the right angle and I don't shoot into the ground when I bring the butt up to my shoulder. That's what a stand is for! However, if I was leaning the MG on some sandbags a few feet high I would not...
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    Off-Road speed

    Is it me or do the tanks and other vehicles seam a little fast off road? Its nice to see T-34s flying up the banks of Arad river, but I would never drive at that speed over rought terrain in a tank. The suspension on tanks was not very advanced, rider comfort was minimal and tanks where usualy...
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    Ppsh Overheat

    The PPSH fires almost as fast as the MG42, how ever you can fire forever without it overheating. I know it is fireing a smaller round, but wouldnt it get too hot after a while?
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    Brace and Rest animation SMGs/Rifles

    How about a small animation to let you know your SMG or Rifle is rested against a surface. It would mean we wouldnt need the little white icon as well. Prahaps a hand on top of the gun to stedy it when resting the gun on a surface and a hand to brace the gun when braceing against a wall.
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    artillary in RO and WWII

    RO has a strange take on artillary compared with how artillary actualy acts. Field artillery in WWII had three basic missions; destroy, neutralize or suppress the enemy. Destroymeans exactly that-completely kill the enemy. This is the least preferred method for artillery usage, as it...
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    artillary in RO and WWII

    please delete sorry
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    Ourrrah! Pobida!

    Why isn't there a "Ourrrah! Pobida!" war cry for the Russians? I am 101% sure it was oftern used on the Ost front and would add a lot of atmostphere to the game! edit: Pobida is russian for 'victory!'
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    Anti-Tank Teleporting

    At the moment you can instantly go from driver/mg to comander. IRL it would take a long time to crawl around the tank. Provideing a time delay (or even a animation!) would be more realistic and encourage TTing
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    At the moment you can spin your self right round on the spot with ease. This looks very comical when prone. How about limiting your spin arc when prone so that to spin 180* you either need to stand up or move foward as you spin. This will look and feel far more realistic. This system is...
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    Takeing command

    I have seen this work time and time again. It is possibuly the best way to win a map if you are on a public server. It really does work wonders if you get a good commander and usualy makes for a much more fun game! What usualy happens is somone who has a good knowlage of the game uses VOIP to...
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    Dear Devs..

    Dear Devs, Firstly, thankyou for a great game and great times playing it:). Prahaps you have created the finest low-buget game of our time :rolleyes:(despite all the bugs). Congratulations on being bold enough to take such a unique angle in the design of a land combat game. No doubt RO's...