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  1. J

    KF Where to download Kfchar scripts?

    Nevermind, found it.
  2. J

    [Help] Zed Gun Beam Projectile

    I have been making a custom version of the ZED Gun (Zed Eradication Device ) Everything works fine except when I fire it, the beam projectile is just blue and you can barely see it, it's nothing like the default gun, where you clearly see the beam and it's blue and sparkley. I know I'm...
  3. J

    [Help] Custom Melee weapon Problem

    When I make my own custom melee weapon for various reasons like, to change wieght or damage, everything works fine until I drop it, then it reverts to the default melee weapon. This happends with all melee weapons, but if it is a Firearm weapon like Scar, LAW or M99, it don't do that when I...
  4. J

    [Help] Other ways to Load a Custom Perk into game?

    I've made my own perk, and I have been able to load it into game in Solo Mode just fine with the code: KFGameType(Level.Game).default.LoadedSkills[6] = class'PackageNameHere.CustomKFVetDemolitions'; However, that does not work in multiplayer on my server. So I'm trying to find different ways...
  5. J

    [Help] KFRandomItemSpawn

    I have made a ' CustomRandomItemSpawn ' that Extends KFRandomItemSpawn and made some changes, But how do I load it into the game? I have absolutely no idea. Please help!
  6. J

    How to Extend FP Rage Duration?

    I've been trying to extend FleshPounds rage duration, but I can't get it to work! I was thought it would be the same like with KFHumanPawn, make a CustomHumanPawn to extend KFHumanPawn, put in the things you want to change, create a CustomPlayerController and put this code in : class...
  7. J

    How to load KFHumanPawn into the game?

    Hi, I have edited KFHumanPawn and want to load it into the game. I have done this to load the Perks and that works perfectly: KFGameType(Level.Game).default.LoadedSkills[1] = class'MutAlteredWeaponsPackThree.CustomKFVetSupportSpec'; I'm guessing it will be similar with KFHumanPawn...
  8. J

    [Help] Mutator not working Online/Multiplayer!

    Hi, I have been working on this mutator, It's purpose is to change a few stats to different weapons, like Damage, clipsize and so on. However, strange thing is it dosn't work at all online on my gameserver, but in solo it works flawlessly. I have no clue what could be wrong. Any idea what...
  9. J

    Mutator Question

    I just found out there was a KFMod folder in my killing floor folder ( Probably after I installed KF SDK? ) And I saw all the weapons I wanted to edit to my own liking. So I made an folder like this in killing floor: WeaponDamageMutator/Classes/ Dumped all the different .uc files I wanted to...
  10. J

    Thoughts On The Upcoming Xmas Event?

    Well we all know christmas is coming and with it is the xmas event zeds and usually a new map and a few new weapons. What do you guys think? Will there be a new map? New weapons? Myself I believe a new christmas map, hopefully with some new nice christmas music! :D And ofcourse a few new...
  11. J

    [REQ] Need a custom Combat Shotgun mutator

    I want two things changed on the current Combat Shotgun with a mutator: 7 shells instead of the default 6. Reload speed 0.50 instead of the default 0.90. I think the normal shotgun has its reload speed to 0.50, so its only right if the combat shotgun has the same reload speed. Can anyone do...