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    [Help]Dedicated Server..

    Hi Guys .. the pobrema I have is that .. When I create a dedicated server attempt habirir the Killing floor and not I, then when I close the dedicated server, Killing floor starts quickly, which can not be please help. Appears it in "UnrealServer Consola"
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    With this mutator can sell and Dropped the 9mm, invented this mutator to player paresca more real and sometimes better because you need money and you have nothing to sell then this might help because you can sell the Single to a very good price. ;) Click Here + 42 Damage (Edit + 42 Damage)...
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    Help To Archive U

    Could anyone tell me what program I need to create a Mutator? Could anyone tell me how to create the file for example KFHardPat.U? The archive U, how do I? For example this archive
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    Help to Web Admin Server Interface.

    I made a server in KF and when I enter the Web Server Admin I can not, it appears he did not find the product I want to get into xx.xx.xx.xx.xx: 8507 and I can not, someone could help me I agrareseria much please. plz plz help me
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    Help To download Mutators..

    Hello, I need help with the mutator's "Shiver" would be so kind as to tell me how to put the mutator "shiver" i'm Open Killing Floor folder appears Withelist me, not I get the mutator, be kind enough to drcirme how to do? Thank you :D