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  1. Welcome_To_Hell

    [Error] Mouse click still wont fire

    Many patches later still getting killed due to this bug.
  2. Welcome_To_Hell

    Can only hear my own gunshots and footsteps.

    Only my own gunshots, and footsteps are audible. On occasion nearby enemies also emit gun-sounds, but very rarely. It is almost like playing in complete silence on a 64 player server. Also when firing PPSh-41, the game lags. And the bullets seem to fly very slowly, a lot slower compared to...
  3. Welcome_To_Hell

    [Error] Can see through walls/ Wall hack bug.

    I got this a couple of times. Could see through walls and smoke. Very hilarious.
  4. Welcome_To_Hell

    [Error] No Sound, Except sound of own weapons, and footsteps.

    I can't hear any sounds except my own footsteps and gun-sounds. Also PPSH firing is very laggy. Run the game on ultra, Win7 X64.
  5. Welcome_To_Hell

    A list of vital alterations to infantry mechanics. (Lots of Pics and Scheming)

    RO was a masterpiece, and I feel that instead of capitalizing on very well built and polished infantry gameplay mechanic Tripwire went into the "Cawadoodie" model to attract more players! It looks great, it feels fast but its not the same game anymore, its just another arcade shooter with fancy...
  6. Welcome_To_Hell

    [Error] ..1extremely low fps while shooting automatic weapons.

    After the last patch I run the game on Ultra at 40 FPS. Good Job! But whenever i shoot weapons or get hit, or even aim at the enemy it becomes slightly above powerpoint. It lags with PPSH worst of all!
  7. Welcome_To_Hell

    PPSH-41 Select Fire (Sem auto) - Realism.

    How come the PPSH does not have select fire? The real thing has both full/semi modes (Switched with the switch inside the trigger guard) Also: :eek::eek::eek:
  8. Welcome_To_Hell

    Make t-34 less furosterating to play

    Not many people play soviet tanker because it is boring and furosterating. Every single T-34 experience goes like this: Shoot at the enemy first. First return shot goes through the turret and kills the commander. By the time driver switches to his seat reload next shot comes in and kills the...
  9. Welcome_To_Hell

    Make PPSH bullets fly faster!

    This is ridiculous! In RO1 The recoil was way over the top, but it was effective in hipfirng within 10 meters. In RO2 The recoil is more manageable but the bullets fly so slow, they might as well be paintballs!
  10. Welcome_To_Hell

    Remove the PIECE OF **** blurry screen! Kills FPS!

    I run this game on average of 27 FPS on my i7 GTX560 card. So don't bull**** me on "Get a better computer". But whenever that blurry screen with heart beat comes in it drops down to ~15. Crysis 2 runs smoother than this. Yes i am a bit angry. :mad: :(
  11. Welcome_To_Hell

    Client side option to turn off floating names.

    I think the control of floating names should be controllable client side in the options. This should be regardless of server setting. If a player wants to make life more difficult and immersive for himself, let him. With options such as: Always on. Always off. On when aiming at player. Toggle...
  12. Welcome_To_Hell

    Realistic suspension on tanks and light vehicles.

    In RO1 tanks and vehicles don't seem to have any suspension at all. Going over bumps, trenches and obstacles is very crude. Vehicles feel like a roller coaster. Would be nice to have some physics and a suspension where bumps are absorbed and when the tanks are accelerating/decelerating/turning...
  13. Welcome_To_Hell

    Supersonic Bullet Cracks? At least as an option!! and Higher pitched whiz.

    Have just seen the most recent gameplay videos and a bit disappointing the fact that I have not heard any supersonic bullet cracks. Also bullet whiz could be much higher pitched. At least implement bullet cracks as an option. or allow players to make replacement sound packs.(Client side) So...
  14. Welcome_To_Hell

    Sound. an important part of the experiance.

    Sound is incredibly important in the gameplay experience and immersion. 1) Make gunfire and explosion sounds louder and sharper. More like "Pop's" and "Bang's" instead of conventional pew pew sounds. 2) Gunfire sounds heard from across the map. All the distant gunfire sounds from player fired...
  15. Welcome_To_Hell

    uax archive wont save changes

    Ive created sounds for my soundpack in proper format PCM .wav 16 bit mono. I can add them to the .uax archive but when i save it and open it again they are not there. When i edit entity for example *Bullet_Whiz and in properties there are links to files such as...