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    Mutator errors. Work / Dont Work

    Hy guys. I am have one problem: I am starting server this command: ./ucc-bin server...
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    Available chars?

    What the available chars in monsterclasses MID paramterer? I am used all chars, and need new chars. MonsterClasses=(MClassName="KFChar.ZombieClot",Mid="A")
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    Mutator fastdownload?

    I am set one mutator, and have one texture fila, and 5 minutes download, and only 500kbyte, any help?
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    Other fleshpounds?

    I am server uses the sandbox, how to spawn 2 fps? 1 normal, 1 chrismass? I am use this code: MonsterClasses=(MClassName="KFChar.ZombieFleshpound",Mid="F") MonsterClasses=(MClassName="kfchar.zombiefleshpound_Xmas",Mid="T") and after: MonsterSquad=1F before: 1F1T and dont comming fps, 0 fps in...
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    [PHP] Start/Stop, how to?

    How to stop, and start server mit php? My startup line: screen -s killingfloor ./ucc-bin server KF-BioticsLab.rom?game=KFmod.KFGameType?VACSecured=true?MaxPlayers=6?AdminName=nem?AdminPassword=publikus -nohomedir how to start, and kill the killingfloor process on php? I am using linux!
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    Ini File

    I am installed killing floor with steamCMD, and server running, and dont change the ini files! I am found system/Deafult.ini and changed server name, restart and dont work. I am found the root .killingfloor dir and System/Killingfloor.ini change the server name, and dont work. Any help, thanks.
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    What the error?

    Look the image:
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    Weapon cost?

    How to set custom weapon custom cost? Example: Medic shotgun, medics 900$m other perks 3000$ Medic Sentry, medics 1000$, other perks 5000$ how to?
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    New zombie on frist round

    How to set new zombies on frist wawe? I am found this: MonsterClasses=(MClassName="KFChar.ZombieClot",Mid="A") MonsterClasses=(MClassName="KFChar.ZombieCrawler",Mid="B") MonsterClasses=(MClassName="KFChar.ZombieGoreFast",Mid="C") MonsterClasses=(MClassName="KFChar.ZombieStalker",Mid="D")...
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    Killing Floor html template?

    I am need killing floor html template. Have one guys?
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    Server perks?

    I am search server perks. Like: Max lvl30, and have red, green, blue, orange icons .... I am found: and code found only, default red, and gold icon: OnHUDIcon=Texture'KillingFloorHUD.Perks.Perk_Berserker'...
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    Creating Hud On Map On Cordinate?

    How to create custom map cordinate the hud message? Like sentry guns! Example if(map == Kf-Abusmentpark) { set the message on custom cordinate? } if possible? Sorry i am beginner :)
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    New weapons, only VIP members?

    If, somehow it would be possible, for example, a vip member can be a weapon that is not a regular user? Sorry my english!
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    Achi not unlocked!

    The Hard War achi not unlocked! My stats: Thanx for helping