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    Realistification of KF mod -- Thoughts?

    Last night I started playing with UDK, with the ultimate goal of fixing the recoil system - getting rid of the obnoxious bopping up and down, and making the crosshair point where the next round will hit, as well as removing the 'wtf' rounds that hit WAY away from the average group. Also, getting...
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    Pawn and Controller relationship

    So, from some tutorials I figured out a way to change the PlayerControllerClass with your mod. I am trying to add an exec function that does something, and the way I think this is how people do it: function postBeginPlay(){ level.Game.PlayerControllerClass = class'MyMutator.MyController'; }...
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    KF SDK concerns

    Hi guys, I have just had an urge to use my software engineering experience to produce something more fun then stuff I do at work. Now, I did a little research into modding for KF and it appears to be much more simple then I anticipated, but a KF SDK is pretty much necessary. I have read here...