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  1. Z

    Code references, help

    I am trying to make a simple Mutator, but i have a very hard time finding any references to any kind of commands. As there is no IDE (as far as i know?) one can't just guess commands. So can anyone spread some light here for me, would be much appreciated. //Thanks
  2. Z

    Tweak Tickrate?

    What is the best Tickrate possible? As it's equivalent to "FPS" but on the server side, i am guessing it should be the same as the clients, 84 or something?
  3. Z

    KF Map Vote with Difficulty?

    I know some server is able to make you vote for a map, and choose a difficulty, like: westlondon - Hard How do i make this possible? And is this whitelisted (not sure if a mutator is needed or something).