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    KF Custom Ammo Regeneration

    I have been asked by a fellow forum user to create a mutator for their custom server which regenerates ammo over time instant of purely having infinite ammo, to stifle the exploitation of various weapons that have high damage. Using a very early GliderAmmo mutator as a base to butcher (Sorry...
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    KF RPG Mod.

    Been running through this recently and have been fixing things to my players standards.. However. I notice there is a rather prominent bug and I am unsure of how to fix it... The bug is that your weapon damage multiplier in the mod ONLY counts for the weapon that you have equipped... But say if...
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    Mutator Editing

    Okay I require a bit of help with compiling if somebody could be gracious enough to lend me a hand (considering that I am very new to coding with Unreal (If anything I can do a bit of HTML and that is it....)) I have started editing Custom ServerPerksV4 made by Marco. What I wanted to do...