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  1. Demjansk

    Extracting Sounds?

    I was wondering if someone could help me figure out how to extract the sound files for the Germans calling in artillery strikes into a WAV or MP3. Any clues how to go about this? Thanks, --Chris
  2. Demjansk

    [Error] Spinning soldiers??

    Every now and then when playing in practice mode, everything will slow down and get painfully choppy and slow. The weird part is that other soldiers start spinning around like tops. Any clue what might be going on?
  3. Demjansk

    One for the MG fans...

    The importance of barrel changes:
  4. Demjansk

    Determing range?

    I may well be revealing my noobness here, but how do you determine ranges in RO?
  5. Demjansk

    Silent tanks?

    Out of curiosity, has there been any word from the developers as to whether they'll be able to do anything about the overly stealthy tanks in RO? In this regard, the game isn't even vaguely close to real life. You'll hear the squeaky mechanical noises well before you'll hear the engine, and...