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    Name of old quake 1 or 2 or unreal mod.

    found it
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    Name of old quake 1 or 2 or unreal mod.

    It was a tactical shooter with a modern setting, had free aim and some other cool features, may of had a thread on here many moons ago, sound familiar to anyone on here? cheers.
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    Proper pouches for the MKB42.

    Tripwire could you please implement the proper pouches for the MKB42, the pounches in the game at the moment are MP44 pouches not MKB42 pouches. Here are the MKB42 pouches
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    Muzzle flashes: realistic or not?.

    Now i am not a gun pro (no firearm allowance in England) but from watching firearm videos on you tube and the like you never see big muzzle flashes like in ro ostfront or other games. Here is a couple of good examples. PPSH YouTube - ppsh41 MP-40 YouTube - mp40 Do you think it would be a...
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    Red Crucible(really cool looking ww3 game) some pics, wonder when the game will be released
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    [Game] 9th Company: Roots of Terror Looks quite interesting, the soviet afghan war hasnt really been covered in games.
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    Afganskiy Izlom (afghan breakdown)

    A soviet film about the soviet war in afghanistan, only in russian sorry. pt 1 pt2 pt3 pt4 pt5...
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    Red orchestra mod sound mod.

    Will anyone convert the gun sounds from the ro mod to the retail version?, i liked the mod sounds more.
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    What the hell did you do to the bayonet attack stance!

    it's far too close to the face now! all i can see is the end of the rifle and the bayonet, it does not look realistic at all.please fix it, it was better the way it used to be.:mad: also, why not just have music on the menu. it sound's crap ingame.
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    Red Orchestra gone Porno NSFW! not really porn lol!:p
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    anyone else like this band? a good early gothic rock band influenced by bowie"][COLOR=#810081][/COLO
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    Chuck norris in Oblivion

    episode 1 episode 2 episode 3
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    what song is this

    anyone know the name of the song from this video
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    this would be awsome in ro
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    Mad idea!

    A surrender feature for ro, the idea would be when a battle come near comes to its close, and the losing side does not have much (or none) reinforcements , the losing players can choose to surrender. if all of the losing side surrender, it would be a win for the winning side, but if some...
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    i never seem to get blood in the game, i get around 30 to 50 fps but the blood does not show up, could anyone help?
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    isnt DA2 sussposed to be out now

    well its tuesday, but no da2:/
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    anyone got any

    Good colour pictures of british and german ww1 uniforms?.
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    A world war one mod

    I think this would be an excellent idea, you could have trench warfare, drive those amazing big tanks, plus all the great ww1 weapons. and all the realism of ro:D
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    Just Got The Regiment

    and im stuck on the first training mission lmao. i know you play the regiment gyro and how do you do the first mission?:D