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    KF hi im using scrnbalance and i want learn players health add when they level up

    sorry for my poor english and use this site im used scrnbalance mut and i complecated decomplie so i wanted souce code to players add 1 health when they are level up! but i don know what to do to add in scrnvet..uc and etc.. if you know what to add souce code than i very...
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    KF Does anyone give me a dread mut 1.1?

    I want to find the dread file but download link is not to exist plz someone let me know the another download link or plz send me the file to g-mail If so, I very much thank you
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    KF ( question)healbot source code question

    i used healbot mutator in my dedi server my server's player health is 250 but healbot heals only less than 100 health so i want modify source code but i don know well (first server) i think maybe it will be on to MedSentry.uc plz let me know where change source code and it will be...