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    !rtd for Killing Floor (by

    This mutator brings the 'Roll The Dice' gamble system seen in many other games to Killing Floor. Usage is simple for the players: They just need to type !rtd in chat (not team chat) to gain a random advantage or disadvantage. The admin has full control on the reroll time (time between rolls)...
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    In need of a Mine model for the Mine mutator!

    Hey everyone, I'm in need for a model of a mine for my mutator 'Mines!' (see mutator section) Anyone who is able to do this? :)
  3. S now offers kf server hosting as well - Cheapest price possible!

    Hey all, just informing that I now also am able to host a couple of KF servers for the cheapest price possible. The income is used for nothing more than to pay the rent of my server (hosting / public kf servers) so renting a server actually means that you'll be supporting the...
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    New mutator : Mine Weapon (KFModsMine)

    I just finished V1.0 of my Mine Weapon mutator. This mutator adds a 'Mine Weapon' that drops mines (using grenades as ammo) It has a custom icon in the weapon menu, and plays on trigger a sound that Worms players may recognise ;p You can download the mutator @...
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    New community site online!

    Hello all, I just finished putting online my new community site online for Killing Floor. You can find it @ and has the following features: Killing Floor news Forum (Community / mod related) Wiki Downloads area (You can upload your custom maps/mods here as well!) And alot more is...