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  1. Alex_KF

    KF Objective mode wiki A project of mine :) I hope I can help shed some more light on Objective mode for those of you who are interested in creating maps with it, or just looking for cool maps to play if you guys notice any maps...
  2. Alex_KF

    KF KFO-Snuff

    Ladies and gentlemen! I spent several long months painstakingly recreating my experiences in a dank snuff dungeon for your enjoyment. I have uploaded the fruits of my labor to steam workshop. Remember, don't get into cars with strangers.
  3. Alex_KF

    KF [MUTATOR] Player Cameras

    Why hullo there peoples. I've been working on a mutator for KF that I wanted to share. What is it? It is a mutator which attaches cameras to every player and lets you view their camera feed through a window on your HUD. Think Aliens during the Hive scene :) Why did I make this? This...
  4. Alex_KF

    KF Objective Mode Video Tutorial Series

    Howdy folks! So I've started work on a series of hastily recorded and embarrassingly produced videos that should non-the-less acquaint all of you with the Objective Mode tool-set. The first in this series details how to make a player win a mission by walking from one end of a hallway to the...
  5. Alex_KF

    KF Objective mode - FYI

    Hey guys, This is just a heads up to anyone who is wanting to make a map with objective mode. Before you will be able to get the Objective mode actors to show up in the KF Editor (actor browser, etc) you are probably going to need to delete your KillingFloor.ini file. This is just an...
  6. Alex_KF


    Howdy y'all In addition to writing code for story mode, I've been flexing my atrophied mapping muscles by creating a map to go with it. I've called it 'Nightshift' and its going to be a precursor to the specimen outbreak. You play as one of Horzine's security guards on that fateful evening...
  7. Alex_KF

    How To Make A Story Map

    Hey guys! So as some of you are aware I've been developing a Story gametype for Killing Floor. It dawned on me that there's currently no documentation on how to actually use this mode in a map. So i'm here to shed a little light on that :) Please note - this is not an unreal mapping...
  8. Alex_KF

    'Story Mode' GameType

    Download (v0.55) New to story mapping? Learn how to make a story map here Story Mode Maps KFS-NightShift a map by 'Alex_KF'. Experience the first specimen outbreak from the perspective of Horzine's security team KFS-SurvivalBridge a map by 'Fel' and 's281'. Try to get...
  9. Alex_KF


    Hello KF forums ! It's been a while :) Apart from making sharks eat things ( , I've lately also been working on a side project for KF. It's a mutator / game mode that is focused around deathmatch & building destruction. Think of it like Killing Floor meets Red Faction...
  10. Alex_KF


    So - to begin with , a little history lesson. KF-Prison was the creation of Corey (Kyben) , one of the KF veterans and a long time mapper for teh mod. This map was created back when Killing Floor was a UT2004 mod only. The map is set in (the horror) a Prison block swarming with Specimens...
  11. Alex_KF

    Hilarious Patriarch video

    YouTube - Biotics Lab - Killing Floor - Patriarch Finale Found this little gem on teh tube. I had a good chuckle. It accurately illustrates how much of a harsh badass Kev is, and why you really need to bring your A game if you want to stand a chance :D
  12. Alex_KF

    Gorefast fanfic

    I think the gorefast is pretty cool, and so i wrote a short story about him. enjoy!:)