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  1. Nylle

    RS Iwo Jima AA Guns Objective Locked for US

    Catagory: Level Design Reproducibility: 2 out of 3 times. (Bad luck?) Summary: Objective "D" on Iwo Jima became locked but not captured after the AA gun was destroyed. Description: Map: Iwo Jima Team: US Role: Engineer Server status: Online Ranked server, 64 players, perfect conenction. Long...
  2. Nylle

    PTRS Singel round reload and animation.

    Why can't I reload a singel round into the PTRS? I need to empty the clip/magazine before I can reload. There is a really neat animation that were created for doing this but it was never put into teh final game. My point is that I would really like to see this animation be used in-game, if its...
  3. Nylle

    Extracting game sounds

    Hi! I'm trying to get some of the weapon sounds from the game into .wav files, but how do I extract them from the Unreal Editor? Is there a third party tool required?
  4. Nylle

    Editing the Kismet example map.

    Cheers! I made a map based on the TE-Attack-Defend setup example map. It all works just fine, exept the fact that Germans are attacking and I want the Russians to attack. Does anyone have any idea how I can change this? I have never used the Unreal kismet before, only use similar tools in the...
  5. Nylle

    [Error] Spartanovka map bugs.

    Map: Spartanovka Gamemode: Territory Location: Inside the old church (first objective) Bug: "Flying" MG and weird looking "animation" when the player model is trying to reach the floor. Location: Last objective, the fancy communist house. Bug: Weird cover nodes causes player to...