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  1. Kmn483

    Merc Report - It Came From The HRG Labs

    Glad to see more tank options for Swat. Still love the riot shield, and hope this goes well in the arsenal.
  2. Kmn483

    Merc Report - Have You Tried Kicking It?

    Scavenger is going to be sick with friends. Randoms... maybe not.
  3. Kmn483

    Killing Floor 2 - Potential Weapons For The Future (Your Input Requested)!

    Smaller mag, no scope, different perk, smaller headshot bonus, potentially clip based (depending on the model they base it off of), different damage, & fire rate, probably more penetration, more weight, potentially different tier... etc. I get what you mean, but there's plenty of overlap in...
  4. Kmn483

    Killing Floor 2 - Potential Weapons For The Future (Your Input Requested)!

    Weapon: Remington 870 Slug Perk: Support Function: This pump-action shotgun carries a medium capacity loaded with slug rounds for mid-range targets. Reasoning: Despite many other perks getting weapons to fill in the gaps that they are weak to, Support lacks a weapon to comfortably eliminate...
  5. Kmn483

    Merc Report - Bloody Fangs

    So wait, the shotgun with an axe on it get bersker bonuses, but a rifle with a knife doesn't? What's with these inconsistent crossperk interactions? Even quick melee bashing with guns will get berserker bonuses, but Mosin and Compound Bow are the only two weapons exempt from that for some...
  6. Kmn483

    MP5RAS says semi-auto in shop, is burst-fire.

    The alternate fire mode for the mp5 is burst-fire, but the shop menu says it fires Full-Auto and Semi-Auto.
  7. Kmn483

    KF KF workshop- maps won't show up in maplist

    When hosting a game I do not have the files I subscribed to. I cannot solo the maps or even see them in the list. Common maps such as: Arcade gas station or Ganja farm reweeded cannot be found after subscribing. I've done complete restarts of the game and steam, found out that the maps are saved...