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  1. Aze

    My huge KF2 rebalancing attempts

    I posted this on Reddit about a month ago, but wanted to post it here as well so the devs see it. It's still a WIP, but the most important part (the tab "Perk n Weapon rebalance") is generally complete:
  2. Aze

    Survivalist - Jack of all trades rework

    So, I like Survivalist being a jack-of-all-trades perk, but feel it needs to actually be more flexible in that regard. So, let's just get straight to the ideas: Passives: * Damageboost = Raised to 20%, and gives 2x bonus on melee weapons (meaning 40% for melee, instead of 20%) * Damage...
  3. Aze

    (Warning; Wall of Text!) Random various feedback

    I guess I'll just get straight to the (many) points, starting with the good stuff: POSITIVES: Graphics and gore: I generally don't think graphics are the most important thing when it comes to videogames. How "pretty" it looks, isn't as important as how "detailed" (or, interactive) it looks...
  4. Aze

    Recoil before shooting

    Just wondering if anyone else has noticed that some weapons have their recoil BEFORE the projectile of the weapon has been launched? There are mainly two weapons where you notice this very easily: The Z.E.D-gun and the Flare Revolvers. I bet there might be more weapons that have this behaviour...
  5. Aze

    Rebalancing the new weapons!

    A bunch of numberideas and stuff for the new weapons. Now, these suggestions might not be enough to nerf them to some people, but let's start a healthy discussion! (And just a personal sidenote: I LOVE the new weapons otherwise! They look and "feel" really good, they are just a little...
  6. Aze

    So, the new weapons...

    ...anyone able to tell the damagestats and the likes? *coughcoughScaryGhostcoughcough* ;) The weapons I'm interested in knowing these stats for would be the: * MKB42 * Trench shotgun * Nail Gun * Scythe * Flare Gun(s) * Thompson SMG * Sawblade Crossbow I'm also interested in the mechanic of...
  7. Aze

    New weapon prices!

    Huh, i just noticed that TWI changed the official price of some weapons: M4+M203 = 2000 (down from 3500) Combat Shotgun = 1500 (down from 2500) MP7 = 2000 (down from 3000) That's all great changes imo :) However, the ****ty Husk Cannon is still 4000 >_>
  8. Aze

    Balance thread (Big post! Please contribute!)

    There has been a lot of discussion about balancing the perks and weapons, in various amounts of threads. In an attempt to keep it concise, here is this thread, trying to make it into one huge thread where everyone can contribute ideas. NOTE: I know that bugs needs first priority, but this...
  9. Aze

    Sorting out the achievements!

    As some of you may know, quite a lot of the achievements are a little wonky. I'm MOSTLY thinking of their inconsistancy in terms of categorization, spelling, missing text and such. I'm not thinking of how some simply don't seem to work, I dunno how to fix that :/ So, to have some more...
  10. Aze

    New twist on the Nail Cannon idea!

    I recently thought of a new twist on an old idea of mine (original idea here: ) In short the weapon was a big nail cannon/tool that would launch big spikes/nails which could weld doors and damage specimen, and it has an "underslung"...
  11. Aze

    Change TWI-forum profile name?

    I know this doesn't really belong to the Killing Floor support, but i didn't know where to ask this. And the question is simply: How do i change my profile name here on the TWI forums? I seem to be able to change everything else BUT the name. Help please? :o
  12. Aze

    Active perk abilities

    As some of you might know, i have a huge thread about Killing Floor 2, and in that thread i had the suggestion of giving each perk an ACTIVE ability each, to further seperate what each perk can do. Now, i first thought that giving each perk ONE ability each would be perfect, but i had so many...
  13. Aze

    No more misinformation!

    Alright, inspired by people's general stupidity or misinformation, this is a thread dedicated to set things straight regarding KF's little mysteries and whatnot. To my help, i will link to some of Scary_ghost's thread(s) (the very legend :D) if you want to see it more in detail and directly from...
  14. Aze

    Can't switch perks on multiplayer

    Really odd bug, which i don't know how to solve: I am stuck with the same perk for all waves when i play multiplier. I can "change" it but it does nothing, it's still stuck with the first perk chosen. I saw a relation though, it was the same perk i had chosen on solo (it was Berserker). So, i...
  15. Aze

    Demolitions weapon idea!

    Ok, this is quite the weird suggestion for a Demolitions weapon but i present to you: The GIB Launcher! GIB stands for Grappling Impact Bomb. What's so special about this weapon? Well, as you might know about most other explosives in this game, if you shoot them too close to a target, they...
  16. Aze

    Ideas for the new (and old) weapons!

    The new weapons are all shiny and pretty, but they need rebalancing and all that, along with some of the already existing weapons (and perks). Let's get right to it (and this is how my changes would look like): FIREBUG: * Mag and ammo bonus down to 50% at level 6 (down from 60%)(and...
  17. Aze

    Question about all the new weapons!

    I was wondering if there was someone who could dig into the codes (or even TWI telling themselves?) so we could get to see all the actual stats of the weapons? :) Like: *Damage per bullet/pellet *For shotguns - Number of pellets per shot *For Husk Cannon - Damage and aoe per charge in the shot...
  18. Aze

    Changes, bugs and bugfixes

    Ok, with the new patch, there was on top of the new weapons some other changes, new bugs but also some bugfixes. Let's try to list them all shall we? Changes, and things that still need to change): Good ones: *Mac10 both gets bigger magazine and same amount of bonus ammo. Totally awesome...
  19. Aze

    Some thoughts on the new weapons!

    First of all, i wanna thank TWI for adding these new weapons! They are a lot of fun. But ofc, with a new launch, there are bugs and some things are ofc a bit off in terms of balance etc. Let's see what we can find that needs a fix and thinks we PERSONALLY think should be changed: Magnum + Dual...
  20. Aze

    A weapon question

    Ok im doing some research for my KF2 suggestions and i have a question for you people that know a lot about guns: Do you know any battle rifle that has, as standard or as a somewhat normal option, 24 bullets in its magazine with the same calibre as the SCAR-H (7.62x51mm Nato)? The only one so...