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  1. Vlad_Martnov

    I can't join any game at all.

    I can't join any game at all ! I join a server, load the map and then I get a black screen followed by an rogame.exe as stopped working... What should I do ?
  2. Vlad_Martnov

    rogame.exe has stopped working

    When I start the Beta I see the german soldier and then a black screen followed by rogame.exe has stopped working... I tried the UE3Redist and it didin't worked. I uninstalled RO2 Beta and reinstalled and it doesn't work I also tried to verify integrity of the game cache I tried to defrag. it...
  3. Vlad_Martnov

    How many ranks or levels RO2 contains ?

    After seeing an old video where John talked about levels of KillingFloor I wondered how many ranks or "levels" Red Orchestra 2 is going to have. Tripwire tought that it would take 2-3months before someone could go to the maximum level in KillingFloor.. in reality it took like 4days to someone...