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    The funniest video I've ever seen

    Dunno if this is old or not but oh well.
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    So I just broke up

    Like the title says, I broke up with a girlfriend of 3 1/2 years and really need other people to recognize that it was the right move so I don't second-guess myself. I go to college with this girl, and we see each other everyday. So I figured that over christmas break it'd be ok for us to not...
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    Lowest Budget Upgrade Ever

    Ok so my brother is getting to spend $200 for his birthday and wants to upgrade his computer. He has an incredibly slow comp as-is, and I'm trying to upgrade JUST what he needs to run HL2, WoW, RO, and CoD2 on mid-low specs. His current comp specs (that I'm upgrading): Processor - AMD...
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    V to da A to da D E R! (NSFW)

    This is awesome for us Star Wars nerds.
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    What you know about math? Gotta love youtube. :D
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    Somebody has...

    A new version of software! Updates after installation.
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    Hard drive questions

    OK, so I just found out in my Computer Science class that I'm going to have to learn Linux, have quizes over it, etc. So, I am planning on installing Fedora Core (the build our school uses). I have a master (C: ) drive with 60 gigs of space and another slave (H: ) drive with 320 gigs of...
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    Every game but source/goldsource lags!

    Hey I thought I'd post in here due to a strange problem I've been having at college. EVERY multiplayer game I own lags too much to be played at college, with the exception of Source and Goldsource engine games (I've tested CS, CS:S, DoD, DoD:S, and PVKII). Now another thing that is strange is...
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    To all who have worked...

    at a best buy, gamestop, or guitar center, I have questions for you! I HATE my current job with a passion (grocery store cashier) because it is so boring. I hate having such a repetitive, mindless job. I also hated my past jobs, (Quizno's and distribution warehouse), but not nearly as much as...
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    PVK II Released!

    I know I made a thread for the upcoming release of PVKII, but I figured this was big enough news to warrant a new thread. PVKII is now released, and is the highest quality mod by far that I've seen for HL2. Finally, it's a game that doesn't feel "sourcy." The player models are quality, too...
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    Pirates Vikings and Knight 2!

    So PVK 2 is soon to be released, before the end of the year, apparently. It looks impressive. A quality HL2 mod perhaps? Gotta love the IS shot. ;)
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    Game suggestion help

    Hey everybody, I've been looking at getting a new FPS with my latest check, and was looking at BF2142 or HL2: Episode One. BF2142 is what I'm looking into more at this point, purely for the multiplayer replayability aspect. Any suggestions or other games?
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    Recommend Me...

    A strategy game! I have been looking at getting back into strats for awhile now, and need a suggestion of a good, fun, popular multiplayer RTS. Now, I am looking for a traditional RTS. Something like Warhammer 40k, C&C, Warcraft, AoE, etc. Which one is very fun to play online, not impossible...
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    Double Jointed

    This kid made me sick.
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    Programming Woes...

    Alright, I need help from anyone who has taught themselves Java, or had a similar problem to mine. I am in an engineering school, focusing on Software Engineering as my major. I chose the field because 1) it's a growing field with many job opportunities, 2) software engineers make a very nice...
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    I desparately need to stop this bad habit I have. For as long as I can remember, I've chewed the inside of my mouth. I'll bite it on accident while eating or something, and then try to gently remove all the little pieces to make the inside smooth again. I get canker sores a lot now, and...
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    Red Orchestra Ballin' Contest!

    Fo' Sho'! H-to-tha-izzit dis phat contizzit up yo'!
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    Strange computer problem

    I've just recently started having this problem. All my media players are starting to take forever to start up. Just the media players. I mean, even winamp takes forever now. I've done a spyware scan with Webroot Spy Sweeper, and a virus scan with NOD32, so I know it's none of those. Any...
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    Horrible pings in-game

    Ok, so I just moved to a university and am living in the dorms. It's a Tech college, and they have stated in their policy that gaming is allowed and not restricted in access. Whenever I connect to any game server (UT2k4, Source, BF2, RO), I start out with decent ping, ~50-60 ms. However, as...
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    Iron Grip: The Oppression Release Imminent!

    According to PHL, the HL2 mod Iron Grip is soon to release. It looks beautiful, and has an interesting concept as well. Release party is today, and release should be today or tomorrow.