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    KF How to reach specific Zed's HP in HUD? (efficient way)

    Greetings all, I wonder how to access Specific Zed's Health in HUD class (more specific Pat's) without using foreach DynamicActors (the slowest way...)?
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    KF On map change crash (almost everytime)

    Hi all, I began to start facing strange crash which I can't understand why it happens. Even it happen on map change when I changed the map via webadmin when no players pressed join. One thing that I noticed is that it doesn't crash when turning off the Map Vote option in KFMapVoteV2Handler...
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    Ho do zeds spawning system works?

    Greetings all, I am trying to understand how the zed system actually works. How MonsterCollection and KFGameType monster squads get involed? Do MonsterCollection zeds (where are only few)are implented into KFGameType wavemask? I am asking, because I want to make 2 final bosses waves.
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    KF 1058V update - no showMesh var in Pickup class?

    Hi folks, I just wanted to inform that in 1058v showMesh var in Pickup class has been removed as other in official weapons doesn't have, nor in KFWeaponPickup code (Or it's just my KF problem ). Could someone confirm that ,becuase of that I can't compile weapons (not a big deal although). What...
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    KF Looking a usefull program for looking base classes/extended one(forgotten the name)

    Hello all, I need your help guys ,I am looking for a program wich let's you you to see the reference tree (if said correctly). For example: Looking at LAW weapon code , it will show where that function was created (Childclasses?) or variable where it was used/created. It saves a lot of time when...
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    KF How to check player if he joined to game first time (meant didn't spawned yet)

    Hello all, I ran into a little trouble. I want to know how to check player if he joined first time to the game (He didn't spawned on that map when conencted first time). I tried using PlayerOwner.PlayerReplicationInfo.bOutOfLives however it only works when he died atleast one time, not joined...
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    KF Doom3monster compiled, however it doesn't work fully

    Hi all. I decided to use Scrn Doom3Monster, but I didn't wanted them all, so I decided to seperate everything. So I renamed packages to diferrent name of Texture, Anims, StatichMeshes, Sounds. Everything I compiled and withour any error. When I add a zombie using summon command it's spawns, but...
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    [Question] Importing everything into Animation

    Hi all! I noticed that some weapons has only .uax and it uses everything (sounds,statich meshes,texture,animation). I would like to know how to convert everything into one file ,because it would save more time uploading stuff into servers ad also cheking what's missing when having many guns.
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    Server updating deletes EVERYTHING???

    ok nvm it seems taht winscp was folling me ,even press refresh was showing only default kf files lol....
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    The Lmit of plogons (triangles) For Killing Floor

    Hello all ,my friend (I will join him later when I will get new PC parts ;) ) started to modeling weapons and we would like to know what's the limit or maybe recommended polygons (triangles?) count?
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    question about Server and client side scripts.

    Hello I have few question about server side and client side scritps. Do weapons recoil ,fire rate, damage and HeadshotDamageMulti has to be client-side (using simulated postbeginplay function)? and how the easiest way to figure it out?
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    [Linux]The best Linux OS for Killing Floor?

    Hello all. I am using now debian 6.0 and i am interesting about performance since KF uses only 1 core.....And i would like to know what kind of Linux OS are you using guys? Maybe some found out the best for it?Or you just did random like i did :D .
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    How to prevent from errors like : Accessed None ?

    Hello i am interesting in error wich i think all have had it or still has till now error Accessed None? Why it happens and how easiest way to prevent it? Because sometime i get spams like Accessed None 'instigatedBy' or 'LastDamagedBy' by all custom or vanila zeds. Is it possible to suppres...
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    Killing Floor uses only 1 core? (Linux -Debian)

    Figured it out ^^
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    Help to solve few error (warning) spam

    Hi all, so I noticed that ucc.log spams few error or warnings Log: WARNING - negative weight 0 from InventorySpot41 to InventorySpot47 Log: WARNING - negative weight 0 from InventorySpot44 to InventorySpot47 Log: WARNING - negative weight 0 from InventorySpot50 to InventorySpot53 Log: WARNING -...
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    [Help] Allowing only to have 1 Turret

    Hello all ! I need help from you guys ,I want to make that 1 person could have only 1 Turret .
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    Help to understand rates in killing floor

    Hello all , I am now using these rates ,but is it possible to optimzie more?what does MaxInternetClientRate and MaxClientRate?If i will increase more MaxInternetClientRate will be more lag or it will let use more data? MaxInternetClientRate=10000 MaxClientRate=20000 NetServerMaxTickRate=41
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    [HELP] Hacked to my webadmin

    Hi all . Is it possible to make that only a specific ip could connect into webadmin panel and others admins couldn't ,but in In-game console could use it?
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    [HELP]Changing weapon hitting angle

    I found weapon wich hits 360 angle. How to change to 160? I think calculation is here ,but i dont understand how it calculates. IsSoundPlayed = false; for(dalpha=5;dalpha<=32728;dalpha+=180) { tempalpha=PointRot.Yaw+dalpha; if(tempalpha>65535) // if angle more then 360...
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    [Req]Getting hp for killing zombies

    Hello i know there is Regen hp mut,but i want that for killing clot would get 1hp,killing scrake 4 hp.I could myself put zombies ,but I just need example how to do it :(.