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  1. Deadbolt

    Weapons from most recent update.

    Hello. I played the game once or twice since the latest load of weapons have been added to the game, but all in all I've been pretty out of it with this game. What is the general consensus of the new weapons? Is it worth using the m4 + scar rather than my usual ak + scar. Is the mp5 a better...
  2. Deadbolt

    Empty Server browser?

    I used to play this game all the time, almost 900 hours clocked. After a long break, I went to play the game just before, and it wouldn't let me play. I joined one hard server, and got immediately kicked, then after that, 0 servers continually show. Any difficulty, no filters checked. I...
  3. Deadbolt

    Spawn on SL

    I think that when playing as a squad leader, you should get a point per teammate that spawns on you. It would encourage people to actually play the squad leader role correctly instead of using it just as another assault/semi class. If they knew they would be getting points, they might be...
  4. Deadbolt

    Server browser slow?

    Yes, I get impatient sometimes, and I don't feel like waiting 2 minutes for the browser to show up with a few servers. Is the server browser super slow for anyone else? For me it takes 1 minute for just 1 server to show up. I have no empty servers and no password filters ticked, and it is...
  5. Deadbolt

    Can't Catch Me! achievement?

    The one where you gotta kill two gorefasts in the back in one wave...does it still work? I was under the impression that I'd be able to get this achievement now that it's Christmas update again, but it isn't triggering. Tried it on multiple servers on multiple difficulties, and I know I'm...
  6. Deadbolt

    [Question] f11 broke my graphics?

    So, last night I was trying to f10 out of the disconnecting screen, and I hit f11, which in turn put my game in window mode. So I made it back to full screen and the graphics are extremely blurried and messed up now. I tried messing with the resolution and the full screen button in the game...
  7. Deadbolt

    [Question] binding help

    Does anyone know of a way I can bind my servers' admin info to a key so I don't have to type it every time? In regular RO it was simple but now I don't know what to put and where. Thanks.
  8. Deadbolt

    Countdown stopwatch

    I think on the countdown game mode, there should be a little stop watch. If the attacking team gets all the cap points in 4 minutes, then when it switches and the other team is attacking, it should say 4 minutes and be counting down so all the players know how much time they have left to...
  9. Deadbolt

    G41 not showing on weapon list

    Not a big deal, but the G41 isn't showing up on my weapon progress list. My friends have told me it shows up on theirs so I'm assuming its a bug. I haven't seen any other posts about weapons not showing on the list;I've only heard people saying stats weren't saving. Anyway, if anyone knows...
  10. Deadbolt

    [Question] Single player button problems

    I'm up to the part where it's squad leader training, and it is not telling me the right buttons to do things. It is telling me to select the rifle squad with x button, but I really have to press b and click something to select rifle squad. Then after that, it is telling me to move the squad by...
  11. Deadbolt

    [Question] Resolution problem

    I normally play at 1440 x whatever it is. Since the most recent update, the option for me to play at that is no longer there. I can only play on either 1280 x 720 or 1152 x by whatever it is. Now I have to play on 1280 x 720 and it is in widescreen. A little more than an inch of my screen is...
  12. Deadbolt

    [Question] Deploy Time

    Delete this please
  13. Deadbolt

    [Crash] Ctrl button crashes game on deploy

    Seems like an odd bug. I have my teamspeak hot key set to the left ctrl key, and whenever I am deploying to a server, and I press the ctrl button for a few seconds to talk, my game crashes. Even when I am disconnecting from a server, and it has that little delay on a disconnect screen, it...
  14. Deadbolt

    [Crash] New update broke game for me

    As of now, whenever I join a game, my fps is under 20, when it is normally around 50, and i crash within 15 seconds of being in there. I changed my settings from medium to lowest, and now I can't even load the game, it just goes like it will launch, and then crashes right as it turns to black...
  15. Deadbolt

    Favorite lines from the new zeds?

    My favorite thing the new zeds say is the clot: "Just let me stick the tip in". It gets me laughing every time i hear it in his eery little voice.
  16. Deadbolt

    Issue joining off friends?

    Whenever i try and join a game that one of my friends is in off of steam it says i failed to launch URL Engine. Also, whenever my friend trys to join off of me, he gets the same error. We both tried verify our games but no dice. Any help?
  17. Deadbolt

    Hell on earth loadout

    For the hell on earth difficulty, i would like to know what you guys think is the best 'loadout' for it. Meaning, how many of what class is best. I just played and won with this on biolab: 3x sharps with xbow 1x demo 1x support 1x med (all lvl 6) We won with that, but i would just like to...
  18. Deadbolt

    Hiacenty steam account hacked

    dont click a link ur receive from Hiacenty if you have him on your friends list, he has been hacked. just a warning
  19. Deadbolt

    Kick vote bind

    Does anyone know of a way to bind the kick voting menu to a key? I know there is a way to get map voting to a key and i have that. I would like to have a way to bring up the kick vote menu without pausing the game when logged in as admin in my server. Anyone know a command that i can throw in...
  20. Deadbolt

    bugged animations?

    ocassionaly when im using the scar or the aa12, i get bugged animations. i have both the guns set on semi automatic, then switch to auto when i need to, but occasionally when i switch it to automatic, i lose the sound and recoil of my weapons, but it still fires. i will shoot a hole clip of...