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  1. Damo

    Our Age Range?

    Afternoon all, Thread title says it all - How old is the current RO2 community? Be honest with your answers kids, there's no game censors here :p I'll get the ball rolling - I turned 26 in August. EDIT: Poll fixed
  2. Damo

    Loading. Here's a tip..

    .. for those suffering extremely long map-loading times. I figured as many people as possible need to see this as it's not a glaringly obvious problem with RO2, so I'm smacking it in the General Discussion section and hope it doesn't get moved or ignored too quickly. Since the start of the...
  3. Damo

    Another Beta opinion!

    Putting my neck on the line a bit here, I've not really posted any kind of opinion on these forums regarding the Beta of RO2 but the more I think about the game the more some issues are playing on my mind. Feel free to disagree with me, down-vote the thread, and throw personal insults. This is...
  4. Damo

    New Gameplay video

    Voodoo Extreme are the latest to give us a little insight courtesy of another multiplayer video: Heads up! Exclusive Red Orchestra 2 Early Beta Footage - July 2011 - YouTube
  5. Damo

    Your expectations and concerns?

    Hi guys, Now that we have quite a good idea of what the game will contain, here's a nice easy one for you all.. What are the bits of RO:HoS you're most looking forward to, but also do you have any concerns / fears over the product that will replace RO:Ostfront? Personally I'm looking...