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    A Weekly 'Moshpit' playlist

    Quite simply knowing that 6 more Weekly Outbreaks are inbound there will come a point where players will only get to enjoy each one once per update. After assisting a friend through the recent Coliseum mutator, and thoroughly enjoying it along the way, it made me think 'Wouldn't it be great if...
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    Pile-up Glitch in Santa's Workshop

    Sadly ran into no less than THREE people abusing a spot reached by the good ol' Kaboomstick in just one game. Exhibit A Exhibit B Exhibit C Exhibit D Hopefully the Kaboomstick and/or areas you're not meant to get into/onto will be addressed in the near future, cheers.
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    Desolation Pile-up Glitch

    Idk if anyone is aware but there's a spot near the 'garage" trader pod where players can sit and be safe from Zeds. I hope this can be addressed in an upcoming update to prevent the map becoming synonymous with cheating. For reference it is in the corner nearest to a weapon spawn, I'll happily...
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    Dragon & Koi/Steampunk Skins = Blue Screen PS4

    In short if I try and equip these weapon customisations the game crashes I really hope this can be solved because a/ I paid for the D&K ones and b/ the skins are among my favourites but are worthless if they keep bugging out For the benefit of the bug report they cause a crash every time I try...
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    [Query] Potential Issue with Next Update?

    It may have been mentioned already but in lieu of that I thought I'd ask anyhow. Will there be something for maxed out players, perhaps complimentary Vault Crates [?], considering they won't be able to get any more via Prestiging? I ask because I have everything on 5th Prestige and I'd like to...
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    Co-Op Hell on Earth on Holdout Maps

    Hello all who stop by, I am curious to know what people use in terms of team setup and strategy in arguably the most challenging base maps Killing Floor 2 has to offer with particular interest regarding Power Core. I consider myself quite competent having got every perk to max [at time of...
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    My "Wishlist"

    I've been thinking a lot and I've come to the conclusion that there is a lot of room for improvement so without further ado these are the areas in which I think the game can be improved: - Urban Ninja Perk - Buff the M32, Helios, and M99 - Increase carry weight to 20 - Buff Berserker and...
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    Some requests from a guy who has played a game or two

    First and foremost, this is generally a repost of my previous list found here [] BUT with some tweaks in the hope that some of/most of this will...
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    A few thoughts from a seasoned veteran

    First and foremost I would like to take the opportunity to give HUGE props to everyone involved in the creation and maintenance of Killing Floor 2 because I, for one, will always be grateful that this game exists. I looked on somewhat enviously as a spectator when the original dropped all those...