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List of possible bugs

This is a sticky topic.
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  • List of possible bugs

    I'm really sorry about the lack of updates on this post, I've been very busy lately and I don't even have time to play the game and of course updating this list. If someone wants to take the reins of this post just talk to an admin and maybe they could do something about it, feel free to copy everything that's here, you have my permission to do it.

    And again, I apologize for ignoring the thread all this time, thanks for your support.

    I'm gonna put a list of some bugs and errors I found, some of them may not happen to everyone but please report the ones you may find so we can put them all together and make it easier for the developers to sort them out. I'm attaching my system specs in case you need them.

    This is what I found while playing, I'll be updating with more if I manage to find any. Let's get started:

    - General issues -

    You can move while the round is starting. You can't reproduce it since it just happens randomly, maybe a specific spawn point? (Sometimes)
    1. Just try to move forward while the starting counter is on the screen and you should be able to move even though the round hasn't started yet.

    * The server list has too much lag and freezes constantly while refreshing. (Always) [FIXED]

    * When picking up a grenade from a fallen soldier, you get both of his grenades but it appears as one grenade in your HUD. (Always)

    * Playerstats are pretty messed up a the moment.

    - Map issues -

    * In Fallen Fighters, no matter which gamemode, there's an invisible cover exactly at the entrance/exit of the tunnel in the cell F6. You can't cover with it but your weapon will react as if you could. (Always)
    1. As you go outside from the tunnel, approaching the exit your weapon will hold down as if you were in some kind of cover.
    2. When you zoom in with your right click you won't see the ironsight, making you unable to aim properly.

    * In Fallen Fighters, using the mounted MG on the upper floor (Cell E8) and turning to the right side causes the bullets to impact with the wall. (Always)

    * In Apartments, specifically at cell F5, there is a corner where you can't shoot while in cover when facing the Russian spawn direction, even though you can do it facing the opposite direction. (Always)
    1. Cover at the corner facing the Russian spawn direction (the street with both bridges) and try to lean while in cover, your character will peer incorrectly.

    - Interface issues -

    * Sometimes you see a red circle in the middle of the screen (Sometimes) [FIXED] Screenshot: 1 provided by Fel.

    * Minimap layer turns green color after minimizing and maximizing the game. THIS ALSO AFFECTS SNIPER SCOPES. (Always)
    1. Minimize the game while fully ingame
    2. Maximize the game and you'll notice the green layer over the radar at the lower right corner.

    * The latency counter shows always "0" ping when ingame. [FIXED]

    - Sound issues -

    * Lack of "click" sound when running out of ammo (Always) [FIXED]

    * The Recon Plane sound cuts constantly. (Always)

    When in blindfire position with the PPSh, pulling the trigger briefly makes a sound that's isn't supposed to do. (Always)
    1. Take cover while handling the PPSh-41
    2. Put yourself in blindfire mode position
    3. Pull the trigger one single time while in that position and you'll notice the sound from the weapon, even though you didn't shoot it.

    - Animation issues -

    * Sometimes reloading while in cover causes the weapons to show no animation, especially when changing to a new mag. (Random, unable to reproduce) [FIXED]

    * An animation bug where the weapon constantly bolts, as if it was jammed. (Random, unable to reproduce) [FIXED]

    * Bolt action rifles don't show the bolting and shooting animations, only the reloading animation. [ONLY IN THIRD PERSON] (Always) [FIXED]

    * The pistols show the shooting animations properly but not the reloading one. [ONLY IN THIRD PERSON] (Always) [FIXED]

    * Aiming with the pistol while in cover causes the player to extend one of his arms in the aim direction. Screenshots: 1 2 (Sometimes)
    1. Cover while handling a pistol, any of them
    2. Aim with the right click and look around

    * Stuttering dive-to-prone animation, both in first and third person. (Always) [FIXED]
    1. Just dive to prone while running, crouching or walking
    2. Notice the stuttering animation both in first and third person

    * High stuttering in animations while proning. We know this is intended but the playerview reset is too sudden. (Always) [FIXED]
    1. Prone over any surface
    2. Approach any object where your legs are not supposed to fit
    3. The playerview will suddenly move facing forward

    * When zooming in with the sniper rifle and facing a wall, the player view kind of trespasses the scope. (Always) [FIXED]
    1. Equip any of the sniper rifles
    2. Zoom with the right click
    3. Approach a flat surface while zoomed and you'll notice the bug
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    Ill list my errors as i play here
    • Sometimes when the server browser is loading maps i hard crash to desktop
    • This happened after i respawned. It stayed there wherever i looked around (the red circle and FT1 FT2- see attached)
    • During Team select, if the game ends and map restarts, I couldnt join or pick a team
    Attached Files
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      On occasion at the start of a round there might be no sound. Its happened to other people as well, there is a thread about it.
      I've seen a glitch a couple of times where when I was looking at a friendly after bolting their rifle their hand stays on the bolt in the 3rd person animation so it looks like the trigger is on the bolt(nothing major really), it appears to rectify itself when they change weapon.
      And I've had all the problems that the op had.
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      • #4
        Is it normal there's is no "click sound" (no bullets left) for the k98?
        Edit: It appears it counts for all weapons, including pistols


        • #5
          Made a list myself while playing. Think this is a good place to post it.

          Server browser lag - I noticed you pointed this out, however the lag continues if you back out of the browser as well. As if the server is still refreshing in the background.

          Auto side switch - I think the server wanted me to switch side for server balance, and so every time i died (was allies) it showed me the axis kit and spawn, but would never let me spawn. Instead every time i had to manually go into the menu, select allies, and my class again to spawn.

          Crashes after disconnecting from servers 4/5 times

          Had the FT F1 F2 F3 stuck on my screen in a server (had to disconnect then crash then restart to fix)

          Squad select screen - When scrolling down, sometimes the squad select screen scroll bar will glitch, and you wont be able to scroll down to the bottom of the squad select page.

          Zoom in - Not sure if this is a bug, but while aiming down sights and zooming; if you try to move even slightly, it will back you out of zoom and aiming down sights. However if not zooming, moving will not back you out of aiming.

          Not sure if bug but pretty lame - It kills you if you change your class or squad while alive. It should rather just change it when you spawn.

          Glitchy cover (mentioned) - Also certain walls and implemented cover, depending on where you move, will pop you unnaturally up or out of cover slightly (enough to get shot). For example, if there is debris on the ground by a low wall, if you step over it you pop up about a foot, then when you cross it you pop back down. Very unnatural.


          • #6
            Originally posted by Fel View Post
            Ill list my errors as i play here
            • Sometimes when the server browser is loading maps i hard crash to desktop
            I had this when I loaded up the beta from steam the first 2 times - when I loaded up the server browser from the game main menu my CPU usage went to 25-40% (quad-core so approx 1-2 cores usage) and then the game crashed.

            Since joining a server through my steam friends list I have been unable to reproduce this bug. Could be that the server list is up to date now or could be some kind of initialisation problem that goes away the first time you get onto a server?


            • #7
              - The crosshair interface stuck on the screen is not always fixable by pressing "m", though mostly it is. Sometimes "(SL1)(SL2)(SL3)(SL4)(SL5)" or "(FT1)(FT2)(FT3)(FT4)(FT5)" [commander or squad leader info residue] gets stuck on the screen as well and wont go away. It even followed me to the next server I changed to! I had to restart game to make it go away.

              - A couple of times my avatar has suddenly frozen and a mouse pointer appears on the game screen. I can move the mouse pointer but nothing else even though the game continues playing all around me. It goes away after a while though.


              • #8
                List of things that need to be fixed:
                #1: When typing a message, you should be able to press ESACPE to cancel the text box. Currently you have to delete the message and press enter.

                #2: Sprinting up stairwells, seems a little bit too fast?

                #3: Reloading an empty G41 is improper, the character only loads one stripper clip and its considered a full reload, and the bolt is continuously in the back position exposing the cartriges even when your firing.

                #4: While prone, pressing SPACE BAR should make you stand or crouch from prone

                #5: For FALLEN FIGHTERS map, the first objective building for countdown (this is not countdown specific) seems to have a perfusely large amount of fog. This is a problem in territory mode when there are people on the upper floors and theyre shooting but you cant see their muzzle flash, even though its dark in there? Yet I can see more muzzle flash on apartments and its much brighter.

                #6: Hipfiring for bolt action rifles/semi automatic rifles is akward.

                #7: Score system, whenever you re-select a class and your already spawned in your character will suicide and the scoreboard will subtract about 150 points (approx).

                #8: Game does not recognize shift + \ in normal text. But will show correctly on scoreboard or showing your name in text, but if you type into the text shift + \ it wont be recognized.

                #9: If you kill a person and they get team switched to your team (server autobalance) the killfeed shows it as a teamkill.

                #10: When throwing a grenade and sprinting at the same time your characters view will be zoomed in after you stop. You have to get a weapon and aim down sight and then stop aiming down sight to fix this.

                #11: On apartments, the 3rd objective (known as command center in ostfront), you can lean through the railings on the 2nd floor facing the alley near the tunnel. Your characters model will go through the railing.

                #12: In territory, you shouldnt have to opt-in to spawn every time. You should be able to respawn automatically without clicking ready, ive missed a spawn wave many times becasue when the screen pops up where you have to click this it sometimes passes the 0 or 1 second mark before I move my mouse down and I must wait for the next respawn wave.
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                  When sometimes running with the pistol you run as if you have a Rifle.

                  Temp FIX : re-attach your pistol
                  Holy IS2 Watches over you!



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                    Originally posted by Fel View Post
                    Sometimes when the server browser is loading maps i hard crash to desktop
                    Same thing is happening to me. The server browser is extremely laggy while loading servers and sometimes it crashes to desktop while loading the servers.

                    System info:
                    CPU: Intel i5-2500K
                    GPU: Nvidia GTX 580
                    Sound: Creative X-Fi Titanium HD
                    RAM: 8GB (2x4GB) Corsair Vengeance DDR3
                    Motherboard: Asus P8Z68-V Pro
                    OS: Windows 7 Pro 64-bit
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                      Game sensitivity gets stuck on "iron sight mode" (lower). You can reset it by pressing iron sights on and off but its annoying. Happens especially after throwing a grenade


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                        I was hoping the patch would fix this (other people reporting the same issue in-game); You can't mute the music at all. Even when the slider is all the way down, it only temporarily stops and once you're back in game it starts up again. Heads up to the devs.

                        EDIT: I found a workaround!! It seems like zeroing the slider is buggy i.e. it doesn't register it properly so just keeps playing at default volume. If you just move the slider really low so that the music is inaudible (not quite zeroed) the volume adjustment sticks! As soon as I zero it completely though (right to the left, as far as it can go) the music creeps back in again. Weird.
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                          Biggest problem I've been having lately is sound cutting out at the start of a match. It was random before but now it's regular. Hopefully it'll get fixed soon.


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                            - When a player gets killed two grenades fall on the ground. You pick one up and it shows "x1" in HUD, but it is in reality two, so 4 grenades are left on dead bodies that haven't used theirs. [Always]

                            - When round is won or lost at the exact time as a respawn the "Round over" message is not displayed. [Always]