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  1. Names recalling notorious war criminals or personalities.
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So people get the idea, some examples that would be considered offensive, numbered as above:
  1. "Hitler", "Beria"
  2. "NKVD Blocking Detachment", "Einsatzgruppen"
  3. This one should be pretty obvious...
  4. So should this - and it includes calling all Germans "Nazis" and all Soviets/Russians "Commies". It got boring 50 years ago, so stop it.
  5. Use of swastikas, fasces, SS-runes and so on for the Axis.
  6. There is actually very little overt symbolism from the Stalinist era; the hammer-and-sickle isn't offensive per se.

A simple rule-of-thumb: many Europeans find Nazi symbolism of any sort offensive; many Americans still find Soviet symbolism offensive. Engage your brain before using.

Final Note: this is NOT open to debate, so please do NOT start whining and moaning if a moderator asks you to change something. They will advise at first, giving reasons, then, if you take no notice, they will step up the pressure through to banning.
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May 23rd 2012 Changelog

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  • May 23rd 2012 Changelog

    This is a pre-release changelog and subject to change at any time before release:

    For those who want to see specific changes, please use the following:

    UI and Audio
    Graphics, Performance and WebAdmin
    Bug Fixes
    Pretty, what do we blow up first? - Myn Donos

  • #2
    • New maps: TE-MamayevKurgan, CD-MamayevKurgan, FF-MamayevKurgan

    • Apartments
      • New and improved fixed MG locations
      • Increased spawn time for Allies by 5 seconds for 64 player load-out
      • Improved spawn protection for last Axis spawn
      • Added an initial spawn for the Axis that is slightly closer to the first two objectives - after a few seconds the spawn returns the old initial spawn location
      • Decreased Allies reinforcements
      • Classic Mode has only 1 Elite Assault class per team

    • Commissars House
      • New initial spawn for Axis that falls back after 20 seconds
      • Made all field ammo resupplies infantry only and put tank resupplies back in the initial tank spawning area
      • Satchel obstacles now correctly glowing and are showing up on the minimap
      • Removed 1 tank per team (1 tank max per team)
      • Correctly set North direction for the map
      • Lowered both teams Aerial Recon intervals from 180 to 120 seconds
      • Classic Mode has only 1 Elite Assault class per team

    • Barracks
      • New and improved fixed MG locations
      • Classic Mode has only 1 Elite Assault class per team

    • Fallen Fighters
      • Satchel obstacles now correctly glowing and are showing up on the minimap
      • Lowered both teams Aerial Recon intervals from 180 to 120 seconds
      • Improved MG locations
      • Made all field ammo resupplies infantry only and put tank resupplies back in the initial tank spawning area
      • Classic Mode has only 1 Elite Assault class per team

    • Grain Elevator
      • New and improved fixed MG locations
      • Moved Allied spawn back when defending the Conveyor Tower
      • Improved ability for Axis to exit the building on their right flank just outside their first spawn
      • Moved the left Axis spawn when attacking the Foothold to be in a more useful location
      • Slight improvement to cover around the Conveyor Tower
      • Increased the thickness of the walls surrounding the middle stairwell that leads from the Foothold to the service area in the 2nd Floor
      • Classic Mode has only 1 Elite Assault class per team

    • Gumrak
      • Moved initial Axis spawn back
      • Increased spawn time for Axis by 5 seconds

    • Pavlov's House
      • Satchel obstacles now correctly glowing and are showing up on the minimap
      • New and improved fixed MG locations
      • Increased spawn time for Allies by 5 seconds for 64 player load-out
      • Made all field ammo resupplies infantry only and put tank resupplies back in the initial tank spawning area
      • Excluded the trenches leading from Pavlov's House to 9th January Square from the 9th January Square objective. Also removed the basement of the church from the objective as well.
      • Classic Mode has only 1 Elite Assault class per team

    • Red October Factory
      • Satchel obstacles and objectives now correctly glowing and are showing up on the minimap
      • New and improved fixed MG locations
      • Correctly set North direction for the map
      • Satchel Objectives can now be blown up by placing a satchel within the objective area, not just by putting it next to some obscure object
      • Added more light to an area in the first objective that was too dark
      • Classic Mode has only 1 Elite Assault class per team

    • Spartanovka
      • Increased spawn time for Allies by 5 seconds
      • Improved Axis spawn protection for their last spawn attacking the Town Hall
      • Increased Axis reinforcements
      • Reduced Allies reinforcements
      • Reduced Allies' artillery amounts
      • Lowered both teams Aerial Recon intervals from 180 to 120 seconds
      • Classic Mode has only 1 Elite Assault class per team

    • Station
      • Fixed one of the initial Allied spawns not working correctly
      • New and improved fixed MG locations
      • Decreased Axis reinforcement times by 5 seconds
      • Increased Axis reinforcements
      • Lowered both teams Aerial Recon intervals from 180 to 120 seconds
      • Classic Mode has only 1 Elite Assault class per team

    • Singleplayer
      • Fixed some points in training where players would get stuck and not be able to progress
      • Fixed being able to blow yourself up in Support Training

    • Special thanks to Goten for helping locate balance issues!
    Pretty, what do we blow up first? - Myn Donos


    • #3
      Classic Mode - NEW
      • All new game mode that blends a lot of the great gameplay innovations in Red Orchestra 2 with the tactical and edgy gameplay from Red Orchestra: Ostfront.
      • Mode is ranked - players still gain experience and level up, but when playing in classic mode these levels do not grant any bonuses for class or weapon. Player ranks are still represented via in game icons and player models.
      • Role and weapon loadouts are modified to be more historically accurate for the period. This means fewer MkBs, AVTs, and SMGs are available and more bolt action rifles are available.
      • Interface changes - added an RO1 style compass to the HUD. No peripheral action indicators.
      • Uses standard realism mode as a base, and adds additional functionality on top of that
      • Classic mode settings have been added to webadmin and can be toggled on/off for Custom Mode
      • Removed spawn on squad leader
      • No Lockdown
      • No Killcam

      • Weapon loadouts are fixed to a historically accurate set. Classic weapon load out is as follows:
        • PPSH w/drum mag and select fire
        • Kar98 w/bayonet
        • Kar98 Sniper w/4X scope
        • Mosin Nagant Sniper w/3.5X scope
        • G41 Sniper w/4X Scope
        • SVT-40 Sniper w/3.5X scope
        • MP40 with single 32 round mag
        • MkB42 with bayonet (no scope)
        • P38 Pistol
        • C96 w/10 round mag
        • MG34 w/50 round drum
        • MG34 Tripod
        • PTRS
        • Pzb 784 (r)
        • MN 9130 w/bayonet
        • G41 (W) w/bayonet
        • SVT-40 w/bayo
        • AVT-40 w/bayo
        • TT33
        • M1895 without silencer
        • DP28
        • Maxim 1910
        • All other weapons and equipment as normally given (binocs, satchels, smoke nades, etc)

      • Infantry Changes:
        • Stamina usage and regeneration are modified to closely match RO1 functionality
        • Player movement speed has been modified to match Red Orchestra 1 player movement speed. The sprinting speed is considerably slower to closely match the speed based on RO1 maps scale.
        • Sprinting now has a server option to closely match RO1 functionality. The player sprints at a constant speed until running out of stamina, then stops sprinting until regaining some stamina
        • The FOV zoom while using focus/controlled breathing is disabled
        • Movement speed penalty when shot in the legs or feet (same as new realism mode)
        • The player damage model is much more hardcore to match RO1 functionality. Players take damage instantly instead of bleeding some of the damage out over time. There is no bandaging or bleeding (although slow deaths from wounds are still possible).
        • Stamina has a much greater effect on weapon sway and recoil (same as new realism mode)

      • Weapon Changes
        • Iron sight breathing and sway are greatly increased
        • Weapons take longer to go into iron sights and match exactly the iron sight zoom in speed of RO1
        • You cannot interrupt sprint by going into iron sights
        • Weapons transitioning out of sprinting takes twice as long to more closely match RO1's sprinting transitions
        • The weapon is unable to fire until the transition from sprinting is mostly complete. This more closely matches RO1 functionality and should encourage less "run and gun" play.

      Pretty, what do we blow up first? - Myn Donos


      • #4
        Action Mode - NEW
        • All new game mode - featuring a crosshair, easier aiming and toned down recoil, reduced damage and open access to a wide range of weaponry Action mode is the perfect first step for players into the world of Red Orchestra.
        • Features much wider availability of submachine guns, assault rifles, and sniper rifles so action players won’t be limited to bolt action rifles like other modes.
        • Added crosshairs. The crosshair size scales with the base accuracy of the weapon. More accurate weapons have tighter crosshairs, less accurate weapons have looser crosshairs. The crosshair expands with the recoil of the gun to represent the shooting being less accurate for longer bursts.
        • The free-aim system (where the weapon moves semi-independent of the player’s view when rotating the camera) is removed from Action mode to provide easier weapon handling for this mode.
        • Weapon damage is greatly reduced and balanced between weapons. This means players have more survivability and longer firefights.
        • Added a system to tweak weapon recoil for Action mode. Adjusted the recoil of the PPSH and AVT-40 to be more controllable for action mode.
        • Removed "instant death" zones in Action mode. Damage to those zones is now just scaled up rather than instantly killing the player. Those zones are head, neck, heart, and acorns.
        • Features a less restrictive version of tank functionality
        • Replaces relaxed realism mode
        Pretty, what do we blow up first? - Myn Donos


        • #5
          Realism Mode
          • Modified damage model in which hitzones can always take damage no matter how much damage they have already taken (for instance limbs will no longer become invulnerable after taking damage)
          • Bandaging now takes twice as long
          • Shooting players in the legs/feet will slow them down for a short time
          • Can no longer use controlled breathing, or use focus zoom if under heavy suppression.
          • When suppressed the player will now experience increased weapon breathing/sway and screen/weapon buffeting effects that scale up with the current suppression level of the player.
          • Stamina now has an increased effect on weapon breathing/sway when stamina is below 80% and above 25%
          • Stamina has a much greater effect on weapon sway and recoil
          • Can no longer fire your weapon after going to iron sights while sprinting until the weapon gets back into the firing position
          • Minimap is now displayed in tactical view
          • Tank functionality has been refined for this mode to allow for longer engagements without tanks becoming unable to engage each other.
          Pretty, what do we blow up first? - Myn Donos


          • #6
            Gameplay System Refinements
            • Redesigned Lockdown
              • Lockdown now starts if the attacking team has not initiated a capture in 5 minutes or has not captured any objective in 7 minutes. There are new sound and visual indications when Lockdown has been initiated. In this way Lockdown is much less intrusive, and only kicks in when there are very long times when the attacking team hasn’t made any progress.

            • Improved Overtime system
              • Overtime has been revised with greatly improved functionality
              • Overtime has been added to territory and countdown

            • Improved spawn protection
              • When entering spawn protection there is a more obvious warning as well as a countdown timer similar to leaving the map boundary.
              • More time given to players who were in an spawn protection area before the volume was activated.When entering spawn protection there is a more obvious warning as well as a countdown timer similar to leaving the map boundary.
              • Players are now invincible for 3 seconds after spawning in a spawn protected area. Other conditions such as leaving the area or firing a weapon immediately make them vulnerable again.

            • Greatly improved spawn on squad leader
              • Spawn on squad leader now uses an entirely new system which is much better at finding a place to spawn players between the spawn leaders location, and their base spawn point.
              • Players will now use the last location of the squad leader they chose to spawn on if the squad leader dies after they have begun spawning on them. This will greatly reduce the times when the player doesn’t spawn on the squad leader they selected.
              • The UI has been improved to make it more obvious where you’ll be spawning. Additionally if you fail to spawn on your squad leader you will receive an error message, as will your squad leader.

            • Redesigned Enemy Spotted
              • Players will now get a notification when a teammate spots an enemy or a location where they think an enemy is if there is line of sight between the player and the spot where the location was spotted, or if they are within 100 meters of the player that called out “enemy spotted” (4000 meters for tanks).
              • When a teammate spots an enemy the icon will appear that the top of the screen indicating the general direction of the enemy. Additionally, if the location is above or below the players view, an arrow will indicate this to the player.
              • Enemy spotted locations no longer snap near to the location of the enemy that was spotted. Rather the locations indicated to teammates are the location that the player that spotted the enemy was looking when they released the “Spot Enemy” key. This will prevent players from using enemy spotted to exploit and find the locations of unseen enemies.
              • Players calling out the locations of enemies using the enemy spotted key will now see an icon on the screen to indicate the location they are attempting to designate the enemy at. Additionally, this button can be held down and the player can put the icon over an enemy, then release the key to designate that location. The default key for this is “Z”.
              • Spotting enemy tanks actually works now in the enemy spotted system (it was only ever working before with aerial recon)
              • Refined the angles that enemy spotted detects what type of soldier the player is spotted to prevent exploiting this at long range. Players must now get their view much closer to the location of an enemy they are spotting to identify the type of enemy they are looking at.
              • Added setting to configure enemy spotted for three settings: (0=full, 1=tactical view and map only, 2=map only). All game modes default to full currently.

            • Refined player damage model. Now in realism mode hitzones can always take damage no matter how much damage they have already taken (before non-lethal hit zones could become invulnerable and no longer take damage). In action mode bandaging hit zones restores the health of the hitzone, but not the player’s overall health. In this way after bandaging players will take damage on the bandaged hitzone again (before they would never take damage on that hitzone again).
            • Improved Suppression
              • The effects of bullet whizzes have been significantly magnified
                • The radius that players will get bullet whizzes sounds and suppression has been significantly magnified. Additionally, the volume of bullet hit impacts and bullet whizzes has been greatly increased.

              • Reduced the angle at which players receive suppression from someone firing at them. This should greatly reduce or eliminate the "false positives" that were giving player suppression from an enemy that was not even remotely shooting in their direction. Likewise players should now pay more attention to suppression, since now it really means someone is shooting in your direction.
              • Suppression now affects the screen/weapon "buffeting" effect when bullets whiz by the player. When more suppressed the screen will buffet more when a bullet whizzes by. Additionally, suppression bonuses from player progression, proximity to a hero, or being in cover will now reduce this buffeting effect as well.
              • Blur from suppression now fades out more smoothly

            • Stamina has an increased effect on sway in all modes
            • Modified the encumbrance system so that players that spawn with MGs and Anti-tank rifles will get a bonus on carrying their primary weapon which prevents them from spawning with heavy encumbrance effects (faster stamina use, slower sprinting, etc). If someone from a different class picks up their dropped primary weapon, they will still have the heavy encumbrance from the weapon.
              • Engineer classes get a slight encumbrance bonus so they don't spawn with heavy encumbrance effects (faster stamina use, slower sprinting, etc)

            • The distance the player can fall before being damaged/killed has been increased 25 percent. So now a player can walk off the second floor of a building and will be significantly injured, but not killed.
              • Falling damage now hurts the players legs and displays on the player damage indicator on the hud.
              • When taking significant falling damage in Realism and Classic mode the player will now walk slowly for a short time

            • The map boundary effect has been brightened
            • Improvements to prone physics in tight spaces (e.g. trenches)
            • Split assault role in ‘Assault’ and ‘Elite Assault’ Only the elite assault role gets the MkB/AVT. The first time you play any existing assault xp will be copied/duplicated to elite assault.

            • Added client-side hit detection. Client side hit detection works for all standard small arms bullet firing weapons and for melee. Client side hit detection can be turned off/off by server admins through the webadmin tool.
            • Improved MG weapon collision detection when deployed on cover. This is most noticeable when deployed in windows.
            • The MG34 now has wider limits when deployed similar to the DP28
            • Satchels are now easier to throw into small spaces

            • Bipod MGs have greatly increased accuracy and much less recoil when deployed. Tripod MGs have greatly increased accuracy
            • Damage of bullets now scales as they lose velocity, and as they penetrate objects (based on the density of the type of object they penetrate). In particular SMGs and pistols will be less effective at longer ranges while rifles and MGs will still be effective at long range. Additionally, players will take reduced damage from bullets that penetrate objects before hitting the player.

            • Added suppression for melee
            • The F1 grenade damage has been increased to match its Axis counterpart
            • Smoke from smoke grenades now disappears between rounds

            • AI Improvements and Refinements
              • Vehicle functionality and vehicle crew AI, particularly hull mg and main cannon AI, have gone through a major overhaul with a goal of greatly improving playability and creating a system that players will find useful and enjoyable.
              • Completely new AI configurability system with robust configurability including webadmin options. The system includes all new tank AI functionality with "player ordered AI gunnery only" as the default setup. With this new system, Tank AI will do nothing if the human player is in a tank, unless the human player orders the AI to do something. For example, if the human player orders the AI to attack an enemy, the AI will use the hull MG and the main cannon to attack the enemy for a short time. Then after a short time the AI will stop firing. In addition to this new default functionality the server admin can also run in several different configurations including turning off all vehicle AI gunnery, selecting full autonomous AI gunner, selecting player ordered gunnery only (the default), or individually turn off/on AI gunner for the hull mg and tank cannon. We highly recommend all admins try out the new player ordered AI gunnery system as it is a vast improvement over the original system.
              • Completely revised AI gunnery model. This system has been tuned to be very forgiving and to not quite play as well as a human player would. With that said it will also be useful enough for players to want to use the system, but without completely destroying human players unrealistically like it was before. This system includes functionality that makes the AI less accurate based on many factors such as distance from the tank, movement state of the enemy (walking, sprinting, etc), as well as making the tank AI much less accurate if the tank is moving. Some elements of this system were already in the codebase, but not functioning due to a bug.
              • Added some tank AI configuration elements based off of Ducky's Tank AI mutator

            • You can now rotate the turret of the Panzer IV from the commander cuppola position by looking in a direction and pressing the fire button (you could already do it from the interior gunner position of the Panzer IV and the gunner/commander position of the T34)
            • Implemented new vehicle accessibility functionality. This functionality allows servers to specify if different parts/crew in the tank can receive full damage, reduced functionality, or no part damage (vehicle itself still takes damage)
              • Mobility - Treads, breaks, engine
                • Destroyed - The parts can be damaged and fully destroyed and disabled
                • Damaged - The parts can be damaged and have reduced functionality, but not destroyed
                • No Damage - The parts can not take damage

              • Main Turret and Cannon - Main Gun, Turret Traverse, Loader
                • Destroyed - The parts can be damaged and fully destroyed and disabled
                • Damaged - The parts can be damaged and have reduced functionality, but not destroyed
                • No Damage - The parts can not take damage

              • Crew - Driver, Main Gunner, Hull Machine Gunner, Commander
                • Full Interior and Exterior Damage - The crew can be killed while exposed, and from penetrating rounds as well as the internal damage they cause (shrapnel)
                • Exterior Damage - The crew can only be killed while exposed
                • No Damage - The crew will not take any damage

            • General Tank Changes
              • Made damage and armor tweaks with the T34 to get it more in balance with the Panzer IV. A battle between the two tanks should now be a much more even fight, while still retaining their realistic strengths and weaknesses.
              • T34 - gun mantlet changed to account for the heavily curved shape, also improving its resistance
              • Fixed a bug with the Panzer for main cannon mantlet that essentially prevented rounds from penetrating it at any range
              • Changed the T34 ammo count to give it more AP rounds and less HE rounds for armor-heavy engagements

            • Added proper localized text messages for many events occurring inside the tank
            • Tweaked up tank movement voice commands to reduce voice command spam
            Pretty, what do we blow up first? - Myn Donos


            • #7
              • A tooltip has been added to the team select menu to show what players are currently on that team.
              • Added North/South/East/West indicator to the minimap/compass.
              • Added a list of current squad members to the tactical view
              • The screen when returning to the main menu system will now reflect that you are going to the main menu
              • Added a Custom Map loading screen when the game does not know the map (.ini or .int entry for the map)
              • Scoreboard
                • Ping is now displayed when in tanks
                • Removed most player color highlighting
                • Your player name is now always displayed on the list
                • Current game mode added in upper right

              • Added a credits button to the main menu
              • Server Browser
                • The server browser is now more responsive. This is especially true on routers that enforce a low number of connections.
                • Fixed a problem causing some servers (random each refresh) to be missing from the list.
                • Player list now shows how many bots are on the server, separate from human players
                • Added new server details for classic mode and whether the server is running a mutator, these were also added the the server browser key
                • Joining a game mode server for the first time (such as classic, realism, action or custom) triggers a confirmation message window
                • Added popup dialog boxes to the server browser the first time you connect to action or realism servers

              • Class/Weapon select menu
                • Double-clicking a class name will now quick select it with the default loadout
                • Added the ability to select a weapon upgrade in the class selection menu rather than always spawning with the highest unlocked version. This change only applies to servers running normal, realism, or custom with bClassicWeaponLoadout=FALSE
                • Added a tip that explains the above UI when you first select a weapon that has a selectable upgrade
                • Enemy weapon unlocks are now added to the bottom of the list instead of the top

              • Voting menus
                • Map/Role/Kick voting are easier to read and more intuitive
                • Added player name to all chat boxes

              • Settings menu
                • Modified the settings menu to display the proper aspect ratio adjusted values for the FOV setting. Before the menu only listed the FOV values for 4:3 aspect ratio. This incorrectly led people to believe that the FOV was lower than it actually was in game. For example, if the FOV value in the menu was set to 70 (using the 4:3 FOV values), at a standard widescreen aspect ratio of 16:9 the players in game FOV was being adjusted to 86 degrees.
                • Added menu options to disable HUD Tips and/or Menu tooltips
                • Added a DOF graphics setting to the video options menu. Disabling it no longer turns off other post process effects

              • Control options
                • Key held down options for crouch, prone, and iron sights have been added
                • Exclusive key bindings to split up the 'Interaction' key for 'Use', 'Bandage', and 'Cover'. Holding the 'Cover (Hold)' key will automatically attach to the first available cover.
                • Replaced 'Use' text in the periscope tip with actual key binding

              • Overhead map
                • Artillery selection is now more reliable. Added flashing icon to overhead map when artillery is falling
                • Satchel objectives and obstacles are now shown on the minimap, tactical view, and overhead map.
                • Tank icons on the overhead map and minimap are shown instead of the generic icon for teammates
                • The ammo resupply icon is now greyed out during the resupply cooldown

              • HUD
                • Several visual tweaks (e.g. fonts, colors, and positioning)
                • Added current voice channel indicator when speaking
                • After being shot the damage indicator is now displayed on the HUD regardless of whether tactical view is on
                • Refinements to peripheral indicators making it more difficult to pinpoint enemy locations
                • Added new kill icons for Maxim, Tripod MG34, vehicle mg’s
                • Refined colors of player names above players heads
                • Hitzone damage indicators now scale from Yellow (0-33% damaged), Orange (33-66% damaged), Red (Greater than 66% damaged)
                • Added display for damaged turret ring icon if your turret rotation is damaged (but not destroyed)
                • In tanks hit indicators no longer display on the opposite side of the incoming hit. This happened when the shot penetrated and hit the tank on the other side.
                • Improved the outside of map boundaries post process effect
                • Added a short delay after death in which clicking primary fire will not take the player to third person view

              • Adjusted the sounds of bullets hitting players. In realism mode the sounds of bullets hitting players are toned down, and for classic mode the sounds of bullets hitting players are at realistic volume levels. This setting is also adjustable for custom mode in webadmin.
              • Adjusted the sound of the player breathing when in iron sights so that breathing out will more closely match the volume of breathing in (before breathing out was very quiet compared to breathing in). Also increased the volume of the iron sights breathing a little so that it is more obvious that the player is breathing. It should also now be more clear that the player is NOT holding their breath when controlled breathing is used, rather the player is breathing slowly and pausing between each breath.
              • Some voice chatter was repeating itself that shouldn't be while other chatter was not repeating itself when it should be. Both issues have been fixed.
              • Fixed a bug where when using a fixed MG sometimes it would sound like your own voice was coming from behind you
              • Refined and improved vehicle MG sounds
              • Panzer IV now uses a looped MG shooting sound
              • Adding looping fire sounds for the T-34
              • Tank AI Crew members will now respond verbally to the tank commander’s orders
              • Native Voices added to the Audio Options menu. If selected you will now hear friendly chatter in the native language (note: you must restart the game or wait for a map change for this to take effect)
              • Fixed some voice commands that would not play sometimes including the commander speech and enemy spotted

              • Made changes to the sound system to prevent some sounds from cutting out
              • Optimized sound channel usage
              • Increased the volume of sprinting footstep sounds
              • Increased the volume of cloth/equipment rattle sounds
              • Slightly increased the sound of the recon plane
              • Slightly increased the footstep sound volume attenuation to be a bit more audible at a distance
              Pretty, what do we blow up first? - Myn Donos


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                • Enhanced most particle emitters with more material based animation
                • Dynamic emitters such as explosions and smoke grenades now “lit” and match the level lighting
                • Enhanced all explosions to look more “explosive”
                • Optimized particles in Red October Factory to improve performance
                • Setting DepthOfField=False in the INI doesn't turn off other post process effects

                Performance and Stability
                • Major performance improvements for client and server
                • Optimizations to dynamic shadows
                • Fixed black skybox on older NVidia cards
                • Fixed the game being stuck on the splash screen or having very long initial load time
                • Fixed a texture size constraint that was causing some 32-bit machines to crash
                • Changed cache size and lifespan for custom content downloads

                • Added Classic and Action mode settings
                • Added tooltips to many webadmin settings to make them easier to understand
                • Added a setting to disable lockdown
                • Mutators now show up in the change map screen
                • Added more flexibility to a number server settings including: team death icons, allow killcam, kill message mode/delay, friendly player name mode.
                • Cleaned up many unused/unimplemented webadmin settings that were cluttering the system.
                Pretty, what do we blow up first? - Myn Donos


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                  Bug Fixes:

                  Bug Fixes, Weapons
                  • Fixed a bug where Machine Gunners had a stuck camera when deployed in some areas.
                  • Fixed weapons firing blanks after taking over a bot in Countdown
                  • Can no longer use the quick grenade key during the round start countdown
                  • Fixed dropped weapon pickups getting automatically picked up sometimes
                  • Fixed the allied smoke grenade not properly blocking vision (effects AI vision, enemy spotted, and peripheral indicators)
                  • Fixed stamina not recovering when using a fixed MG
                  • Fixed a bug where using a fixed MG would sometimes cause your own voice to come from behind you
                  • Fixed the AVT-40 kills being rewarded as SVT40 kills for kill stats
                  • Fixed a bug preventing players from deploying MGs in some areas
                  • Fixed a bug where you could get suppressed multiple times from the same penetrating shot
                  • Fixed a bug with melee that was causing it to not hit the body part you were aiming at
                  • Fixed a bug where the tank cannon would point off in random directions after the AI fired a round from it or moved it.
                  • Fixed getting stuck in suppression
                  • Fixed disappearing players when using or viewing someone on a tripod MGs
                  • Fixed a bug where certain types of hits weren’t counting toward the accuracy stats, giving inaccurate weapon accuracy stats.
                  • Fixed being able to shoot yourself on a mounted MG
                  • Fixed an issue where players would sometimes pick up a weapon by running over it

                  Bug Fixes, General
                  • Fixed camera floating above the player when killed from prone
                  • Bots no longer affect auto team balancing
                  • Fixed cover having priority over mountable machine guns when using the 'Interaction' key
                  • Characters should no longer pop up/down when running along trenches
                  • Fixed some instances of being able to 'see through' objects when viewing up close.
                  • Fixed a bug where server damage scaling settings were not working
                  • Fixed a bug where players could not take bleed damage under certain circumstances
                  • Fixed achievements: Marksman (Bronze/Silver/Gold), Unhatched (Bronze/SilverGold), Tracked (Bronze/Silver/Gold), Sharpshooter (Bronze/Silver/Gold), Firing Blind, Stonewall

                  • Fixed commander sometimes not respawning properly in Countdown
                  • Fixed commander automatically selecting their own artillery location. It was shown in the menu as selected, but it would not work properly when trying to launch artillery.
                  • Fixed squad leaders overriding each other's marked artillery targets
                  • Fixed a way to avoid spawn protection
                  • In Countdown, the commander is no longer able to waste a reinforcement wave if nobody is dead
                  • Fixed a rare situation where Countdown suddendeath would not end
                  • Fixed a bug where damage scaling was breaking being able to damage tank crew members
                  • Fixed a bug where the AI would just fire at anything they saw when ordered to suppress infantry rather than actually firing at the infantry the commander ordered them to fire at.
                  • Spectator/DemoRec no longer get stuck on the round end menu
                  • Servers no longer crash when misspelling a map name using servertravel

                  • Fixed Custom maps not receiving the proper name or loading screen
                  • Fixed an issue where debug text would show up when vote kicking players
                  • Fixed automatically picking up weapons by running over them
                  • Fixed an issue where firefight spawn delay was reading the territory information
                  • Fixed some items that were not being properly localized in the Server Browser
                  • Fixed a bug where AI could be broken when ordering them to attack an objective in singleplayer after that objective gets captured
                  • Fixed artillery spotting with binoculars and enemy spotted functionality getting blocked by the simple collision on objects. This was causing both of them to be blocked by things that the player could see though, that bullets would not collide with, etc, such as windows, the corners of walls, etc.

                  Bug Fixes, Vehicles
                  • Fixed bugs that were causing the vehicle AI to be 100% accurate with their aimed shots when a human player was in the tank. This was the root of most of the problems with tank AI being way too hardcore and good.
                  • Fixed many issues with aiming tank cannons not going where they were aimed

                  • Fixed tank firing being off on steep slopes
                  • Fixed the spawn protection not working for tanks online
                  • Fixed tank physics from rubber banding around online
                  • Fixed a bug where the AI would take over control of the tank's turret/hull MG even if you had ordered it not to fire.

                  Bug Fixes, UI
                  • Getting a battlefield commission should no longer cause the player to miss the initial spawn. Also, players who get a battlefield commission in the second round should now have enough time to use it.
                  • Fix for the respawn timer being 0 under certain conditions in the spawn menu
                  • Fixed the spawn queue timer always being 0 for the Commander in the tactical view
                  • Fixed 2 spawns being auto selected in the spawn menu after spawning on squad leader for the first time
                  • Fixed an issue where players could refresh servers away in the server browser.
                  • Fixed the player damage hud not displaying damage resulting from bleeding. Also, fixed several hit zones not displaying any damage (lower left leg, left foot, groin)
                  • Fixed overhead map problem after changing roles from Commander
                  • Fixed text showing that both teams are attacking on ready up screen for Countdown Gumrak
                  • Fixed overhead player names wrapping at the edge of the screen
                  • Fixed inactive objectives showing as active on the minimap
                  • Fixed remaining salvo text misplaced in the commander menu
                  • The territory spawn menu no longer displays if your team is out of reinforcements
                  • Fixed the kill message icon for the allied AT grenade
                  • Added notification message for team kills that tell both players involved
                  • Added notification message for MG barrel overheating
                  • Corrected battlefield commission text (Always said Axis team)

                  • Fixed the tank command menu not always having selected your tank by default
                  • Fixed the 3d command marker sometimes get stuck when used from a tank
                  • Fixed vehicles not getting a spawn protection warning message
                  • The honor range in the server browser is now correct

                  Bug Fixes, Audio
                  • Fixed footstep sounds getting perpetually quieter until they were not able to be heard at all
                  • Fixed an issue with looping weapon sounds (PPSH, and some others) getting perpetually quieter until they were not able to be heard at all
                  • Fixed morale music not ducking while playing weapon, class, and honor rank up music
                  • Fixed a bug where two songs could be playing over top of each other during the match victory screen
                  • Fixed a bug where the level up music would play over the round or match wing screens
                  • Fixed the round win music being the wrong teams song in certain instances
                  Pretty, what do we blow up first? - Myn Donos


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                    Holy crap. That's a lot of changes. When will this go live?


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                      Originally posted by Torio View Post
                      Holy crap. That's a lot of changes. When will this go live?
                      "Soon. Very Soon." RM


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                        So we should 'opt out' of the beta if we 'opted in' earlier? I mean for the regular game...not the beta beta? (Confusing huh?)


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                          No need to opt out of the beta.
                          Pretty, what do we blow up first? - Myn Donos


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                            so when the update will start? here is 1:18 am (gmt +1 central europe, slovenia) so here is 23th alredy
                            or i can go sleep and play it tomorow? lol


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                              Originally posted by Torio View Post
                              Holy crap. That's a lot of changes. When will this go live?

                              Thursday 24 May 2012.