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Realism vs Standard Modes

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  • #31
    Seems like a third option would be welcome TWI.

    Ranked veteran perk capability on a realism oriented setting seems off beam tbh.

    Customisation is a good thing, but a set realism implementation as a third fixed option would be very welcome if certain factors are causing ire.

    We're all here to support the game , I'm sure there can be some very constructive suggestions put forward from all here.
    The East has a way of swallowing men and their dreams.


    • #32
      Originally posted by Nagels View Post
      Seems like a third option would be welcome TWI.

      Ranked veteran perk capability on a realism oriented setting seems off beam tbh.

      Customisation is a good thing, but a set realism implementation as a third fixed option would be very welcome if certain factors are causing ire.

      We're all here to support the game , I'm sure there can be some very constructive suggestions put forward from all here.
      Just make the server unranked?


      • #33
        Are the slight buffs in your weapon handling capabilities enabled in realism mode?
        Or must one find a server with customised settings in order to play in a server without these (pointless, imo) skill points?


        • #34
          What I want to see in realism mode:

          1) Same amount of stamina but slower recharge rate

          2) When wounded (and banaged) I'd like to see attributes such as movement speed, weapon accuracy, grenade throwing distance, amount of noise made when moving, stamina recharge rate, etc altered.

          3) When bleeding, you should have more time to bandage BUT it should take a longer time to bandage. I think this would make the game much more exciting and lead to some really interesting moments (same as #2)

          4) When fatally wounded I'd like to be able to survive a slightly random amount of time (perhapse between 3 and 60 seconds -- but usually toward the lower end of the scale). When it's toward the higher end of the scale, it should gradually diminish your ability to move, see, and perform actions. Of course, fatal wounds should be a rare event to begin with.

          Anyway, I think these changes would lead some really memorable, "emergent" moments that would be great fun to tell your friends about.


          • #35
            I protest on the names of the different realism settings.

            The current Normal/Standard should be either named Relaxed or Novice or something in the lines of that, it sure isnt normal for the RO1 players. And Hardcore should be the new Normal/Standard. Hardcore isn't hardcore to RO players, it is de facto the normal...

            Imagine all those new players coming to the game and thinking that all the pinball HUD stuff is "normal" and shunting the Hardcore players as realism freaks or whatnot. New ppl usually (research done with Stetson-Harrison method) avoid extreme stuff like "Hardcore", when in RO's case they should know that it is the normal, the way the game was meant to be played. Unless TWI thinks that the current Normal/Standard is the way the game should be played. Yes, I know that TWI allows u to choose the realism setting and let you choose how to play it but in games "Normal" settings is what is usually considered as the standard way to play the game and all other settings are extreme and something left for the freaks out there.


            • #36
              Please TWI read my following statment from my thread:

              Hello Chaps, first of all, this is all so far RUMOR and so the facts may change upon release, however I feel it warrants some discussion. Bear that in mind before you shout me down.

              Now I am not a fan of balance over authenticity and the following things that are perhaps in the full game are directly cases of balance trumping history. Not previously something I was worried about for RO but now from what i hear i am.

              Remember we don't need 'Class Balance' what we will have in the game is 'Team Balance' where the Germans may be weaker in SMG's they have the edge in their MG's for example.

              From what we have seen so far it appears that the MP40/II the Dual-Magazine MP40 is in RO, and once unlocked is a permanant feature for the gun. I am sure i am not alone in feeling that this incredibly rare item (less prduced than the 7,000+ MKb42 (H) certainly) made for troop trials and rejected as being unsuitable due to jamming/sensitivity has no place within our Red Orchestra 2 game. I am sure we would much rather have a captured PPSh41 than this gun in our game (and certain unlock options in the menu point to this being a possibility)

              Saddle Drum MG34, the Dual Magazine saddle drum for the MG34 was not a Heer issued item, it was restricted almost exclusively to the Luftwaffe, and even then was produced in limited numbers and discontinued because of the Luftwaffe primarily using the MG15. The reason it was not issued to the army was because using it necessitated a completely different rear plate to accomodate the drum. I have heard that this item has been seen in gameplay videos? So if it's not in RO2 don't crucify me. Surely however a better unlock would be a Belt Feed (the actual most common way to employ the MG34)

              Permanent Bayonets, everyone wants these detachable surely.

              Nagant Revolver. Silencer, not an item that was seen on the frontline. This has been much discussed.

              Now, i have the following Caveat with these items, the Hero class, it would certainly be acceptable to me to have these items restricted to a Single soldier on the team, the Hero class could feasibly have that 1 rare gun, have friends in high places to lend him a silencer, or have scavanged a MG34 and saddle drums from a crashed Heinkel, this way these a-historical items still get to be used in the game, but not in a way that affects the gameplay or authenticity. Plus if TW has already made these items then that effort is not wasted.

              Perhaps this is already the case? I am in no way attempting to be rumour mongering or posting un-true information. At any rate i feel personally that if every soldier in a few weeks has a MP40/II that my enjoyment of RO will be much reduced.

              I also notice in Ramm-Jagers post that there is some server options to limit certain weapons. If this is the case and it is fully customizable in terms of what weapons to which classes and which unlocks are availalbe than the 'Realism' servers can have the guns as they were and as such there will be no-issue.


              • #37
                Originally posted by Zoring View Post
                I also notice in Ramm-Jagers post that there is some server options to limit certain weapons. If this is the case and it is fully customizable in terms of what weapons to which classes and which unlocks are availalbe than the 'Realism' servers can have the guns as they were and as such there will be no-issue.
                No, there will still be an issue, because those realism servers will be lumped together with the 24/7 Apartments MkB-4-all servers, under the same 'Custom' category. Which means that the real realism servers will likely be difficult to find.

                RedOrchestra.NL: Dutch RO Resource


                • #38
                  Been playing some realism servers, and every time i try to take back a capture point i get shot by a teammate...


                  • #39
                    realism server settings

                    @[TW] Ramm-Jaeger

                    thanks, but the realism server settings do not work anymore ... I can not turn off the compass ...
                    , the entire gameplay settings Clanmatch not adjust it more ... I turned off everything and since the new update does not work anymore ... please help ...

                    and my server is running before the update without problems play with 64 ... and now there are major problems ... It shakes so the ping is over 300 people in all ... please help ... Please we want to play as before with 64 ... thank you
                    Last edited by *; 09-09-2011, 11:38 AM.
                    ich leide nicht an realit


                    • #40
                      Yeah, i loved your FK server as well as one in Darkest Hour ( the best one there!) but i see the uptade mess everything up. Pings for me are now everywhere >100...

                      Nice to meet a great server admin here!


                      • #41

                        I am very happy that you are with us is fun to play ... Yes, the pings are very high ... But is is to play well without stutter ... (without punbuster) we hope to 13th
                        ich leide nicht an realit


                        • #42
                          Weapon dmg is the same in both mods, right?


                          • #43
                            I think that in a realism mode there should


                            • #44
                              Originally posted by pepihoh View Post
                              I am pleased
                              Wait, what do you mean? Every soldier in the war didn't get issued his own shinny pistol?


                              • #45
                                Although I've always been a realism diehard fan.....I prefer the standard mode at this moment.

                                The small map really helps the peripheral vision and thus maintaining the cohesion.

                                But I don't like pistols for everyone at all.