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    Originally posted by Colt .45 killer View Post
    the AK series suffers from the lack of very effective medium range accuracy.
    Yep. And that
    Tak Tak


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      [quote=RedGuardist;421343]Yep. And that


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        Originally posted by JoshuaC View Post
        Hahahahahahahahahahahaha.... Ahahahahahahahahah. HK smacks a piston upper on a AR15 and everyone ****s their pants for it. **** HK.

        AK47 is bar none the best automatic rifle in the world. Yes it has many detractors but no other rifle comes close to how this thing has shaped the world.
        Good thing this isn't a "Which AR has changed the world" thread.

        I'll go with the Mk 16 just for ****s and giggles.


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          Originally posted by Colt .45 killer View Post
          Joshua C, are you just sounding like an opinionated 14 year old because you are? or are you just a biased weapon owner?

          On the 416/417 If you read up on the changes, the only thing kept was the trigger mechanism(and perhaps one other part). And for your information, the AK-47 is a very unreliable weapon that nobody uses, the AK - 47M is the proper and correct name for the well known AK, the original variants of the AK were jam happy peices of ****.

          In terms of an assault rifle, a few things matter, reliablity/accuracy/stopping power. The AK has two of these to about 300 Yards, the H&K has all three to a much further distance (depending on your weapon sights, be they open/aimpoint/ACOG). It depends what you need, if you only need a weapon out to 100Yards max, both will do and its up to opinionated twats to yell out which one is best, if its a matter of range, then H&K wins.

          EDIT: Thought it necessary to throw in that the H&K inst necessary my most supported weapon here, there are many AR's that can engage up to 700-1000 Yards. Just making the point that the AK series suffers from the lack of very effective medium range accuracy.
          When I say AK47 I mean the whole lot of them as just a general term. AK47,AK74,AKM47, AKM74 ect ect..

          I've seen how the 416 works and news flash it's not revolutionary. It's a AR with a piston.. nothing more nothing less. Everything "good" about it is attributed to using a piston rather than direct impingement. I'd be willing to bet you put up a good quality piston AR up against the 416 and they'd match it easily.


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            Good show of 7,62x39 vs 5.56x45 (or the soviet 5,45x39)


            7,62 has worse ballistic coeffiecient hence loosing energy much faster and haveing even worse trajectory. Even at close range it shoot "over the target" by almost double that of the .223. Which could matter if Im trying to hit prone target behind a tree, only showing it's head.
            Granted at close range 7,62 might penetrate that tree, which explains why anyone bothers to use that thing that and the fact that during it appearance it was easy to switch some of the equipment making full scale 7,62 rifle round to make the intermidiate cartriage.

            RK95 basically made the barrel more heavy to compensate the "wobling" of the long stroke gaspiston, used in ak-type guns. Hence Im sure that coupled whit 7,62mm ammo, it is an accurate gun...on rifle range.
            On field, from a less "perfect" fireing position whit it rear sight on the mechanism cover which causes it to sift, I'm not so sure.

            That and its heavier than it's predesessors.

            G36 is certainly a solid piece of engineering. Ampidexterous controls and "optics". 416 providing an option for those used to the grip of m4 and standard rails for mounting all shorts of gadgets you might allrady have in inventory. Short stroke gaspiston get's away from the fouling of direct impigment system of ar15 series is plagued whit. As well as the inaccuracy of long stroke mechanism.

            Gun I have in sights is actually Tavor21. Being actually lighter than G36 dispite being bullpup offering longer barrel lenght whit same external dimensions sound like a good bargain.
            Yes, many find magazine layout difficult, but that can be helped whit simple army drills low muzzle velocity due to too short barrels can not.

            Given that different optical sights are most important developement of last decades when it comes to small arms..yuo really want to take advange of the increased pratical engagement range offered by them.
            And in Tavor the are integradted into the barrel helping to stop them to get disaligned.

            So, on paper Tavor get's my vote, both G36 and it are of comparable reliability as far as I have heard so only thing in question remains is the question of production costs. Since they pulled the blug on xm8.
            Last edited by Wiglaf; 02-11-2009, 03:48 PM.


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              Originally posted by Wiglaf View Post

              Good show of 7,62x39 vs 5.56x45 (or the soviet 5,45x39)
              That video sucks.. At 200 yards I'd expect better accuracy from both rifles but then again I don't smack the living hell out of the trigger like the "shooters" do in this video.


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                Actually the 416 is better than the Magpul Masada and the AK combined.
                Modern Warfare 3 - because blowing up families is much more important than gameplay!


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                  Originally posted by JoshuaC View Post
                  That video sucks.. At 200 yards I'd expect better accuracy from both rifles but then again I don't smack the living hell out of the trigger like the "shooters" do in this video.

                  The 416 doesn't need anything extra to be good because it's based on a good platform that performs even better with their gas-piston upgrade. (Yes you can get other gas-piston kits as well)

                  We're talking military use, unlike couch commandos such as yourself we don't exactly have time to be gentle. So ideally this would probably be a better example of it's intended purpose.

                  Does it make the video less 'legit' sure. This thread is retarded.
                  Last edited by triath; 02-11-2009, 07:43 PM.


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                    Originally posted by triath View Post
                    We're talking military use, unlike couch commandos such as yourself we don't exactly have time to be gentle. So ideally this would probably be a better example of it's intended purpose.

                    Does it make the video less 'legit' sure. This thread is retarded.
                    Anyone who is anyone who has learned how to shoot a weapon properly and accuracy wouldn't smack the trigger like the 2 jackasses in the video did. I'd expect much more out of both of those rifles at that range with a decent shooter.


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                      They didn't exactly smack the **** out of the triggers. So move on to your next complaint.


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                        Its discovery channel AKA america bias forever channel, ever watched them have a 'best tank' or 'best rifle' "documenterary", utter crap. There is even one clip where one of their "ex seals" (probably expelled for being retarded) picked up a .223 "this is the round the m16 fires ", next a .308 " this is the round the ak fires ", then a .50 cal "this is the round a .50 barett fires ". Most people probably caught the part halfway through where he said a 7.62mm Nato fits into an AK... (That was the final nail in the coffin of my never listening to discovery again)
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                        - HockeyWarrior,
                        From the original RO:HOS is dying thread circa 2009.


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                          That video is saying the AK47 is actually a machine gun ?


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                            I wonder why nearly all the tier one units (who pretty much have freedom of choice) wanted the 416 and why whenever nowadays a country that isn't third world looks for a new assault rifle, they look at the 416 and usually take it. Oh right they don't know **** and are all about the HK kool aid. Thank god they didn't ask the couch commandos or else they would end up with super cool but obsolete AKMs.


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                                **** that 416 looks kick-***