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  • Hey, your finnish skins, do you still have the file for them? ive just made a finnish realism unit and i would be GREATLY thankfull if i could get the skins file.

    Please reply
    Sounds ok to me, i'd like to try them all, im sure RS_Lodestone would be keen to give it a go since i've had the 109 v 190 argument with him too :) He's in canada and i get pretty much the same ping as i do on SoV when he hosts, so thats an option.
    ueber and me were thinking we should do our 2on2 on a weekend, like this or next. the best way to set it up would probably be one of the smaller dogfight maps in coop mode, each of the pairs taking off in a corner of the map, those whoe bail have to leave the server so they cant spectate. question is who will host since we are quite some distance afar. also we have to decide which planes to fly, a resonable match would probably be A-4 vs F-4, A-6 vs G-2, A-8 vs G-6 and A-9/D-9 vs G-10/14/K-4
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