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  • Oh, there is a lot more people. Since the release of RO2, loads more people have been getting onto the site and posting like mad.
    It's good to see you back, although I have to say that the forums...are not exactly at their prime. I see Gibby's covered it a little bit, but perhaps it is best you judge for yourself.
    Ohai, welcome back! Well, the RO2 forums have been a drama-filled mess as usual, but the KF forums are becoming a bit of a cesspit what with all the newfags. :C
    You're back! I suggest, as a first order of bussiness,that you PM Yosh and obtain the beta.
    ahhhh!!!! the ideas and suggestions forum is overflowing with stupid threads!
    we almost play all with mics...and im gonna try that TS soon...if its better then ingame, then you helped us allot lol.
    Why are the mods after me? I got an infraction for saying "I like trousers" (you know what I meant). What have I done wrong?
    I got an infraction for 'making fun of Zerons mother'. Im dead serious. Switchblade infracted me for the joke.

    PS. Got BioShock2 :D

    PSS. Can you get a mic at Gamestop? I live right next to about 3, although the nearest BestBuy is distant.
    No hard feelings about the references to WhiteTigerShiros joke about your mother.

    I just did it because it was terribly funny :D
    By epic, Olivier ment long, and full of discussion, cuz me and brpheonix were having a discussion on if the gunslinger thread was the longest.

    Just wanted to fill you in, although you probably already knew :)
    Yeah, steam has been acting really weird for me to.
    And Windows 98?! And I thought my Vista was bad...
    The Gmod is epic.

    The downside for me is that, owning a laptop, I cant operate half of the advanced options. But, on the bright side, theres so much else, I dont really need them :D
    Mind if you loan me that banana-man gif?

    It could be used in loadsa places :)
    Thanks for the mic advice :D

    However, I cant get one now, because Im going camping this weekend :)
    I want a mic really badly, but I need a good store to buy a cheaper one. Paypal doesnt work right now :(
    I forgot if you had a mic or not, i'm just going to assume you don't. Go get one! i don't like playing when i'm not chatting with someone. i get bored.
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