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Recent content by Zerethon

  1. Zerethon

    KF2 Instrumental Soundtrack Question

    Buuuut not the normal one. Would it be against the forum ToS if i were to post a how-to (including the set of files to convert it) on how to convert the in-game soundtrack into ogg/mp3 files? Since there's no announcement that the Deluxe edition OST is ever going to be a complete OST and have...
  2. Zerethon

    "Why Even Try?" A demonstration of the berserker perks weakness.

    So, let me preface this post and this video. I modified Moxel's KF-Testingmap specifically to make this video Modification made was to shove the ammo into groups in the room, so if your perk can, you can stay in the room infinitely or until you mess up/the game crashes. Also, WARNING: Video...
  3. Zerethon

    Map-specific coding question

    So, since KF2 is built in the newer unreal, and we can make and run all kinds of crazy scripted events happen in the maps. Will there be a "greylist" again? (Perks are useable but don't gain levels on this content) I ask because i'm planning on making a map that brings some of my old...
  4. Zerethon

    KF2 Perk power level

    so, i don't see this mentioned often (At least, in the current discussion) But the current perks & perk levelling feel -TERRIBLE- Lets look at the per level for support, for example: +2% Welding Proficiency +1% Shotgun Damage +25% Shotgun Penetration +2% Grenade Damage @25: 50% Welding...
  5. Zerethon

    Chainsaw Massacre - Scrakes only

    Well, this was a request from a forum member, Since i'm submitting it for whitelisting i might as well make a general thread for it so you can tell me if i broke anything or you have issues with it Download: -LINK DEAD- Once i locate the original files again i will re-upload this for kicks...
  6. Zerethon

    HELLFIRE! Husks-only Mutator

    Edit May 2015: With the Early access of KF2 out and the addition of the greylist, this mutator and future updates are on permanent hiatus, i'll provide support where i can if you need it. Here it is, With help from [TW]Xienen and Crazy-Sheep HELLFIRE! The Finished Release (download at end of...
  7. Zerethon

    Mutator help?

    Yes, i know, theres a gazillion tutorials on Unrealscript, but theres an issue here What are the codes and coding necessary to replace all enemies with one type of enemy? Why? i'm making a husks-only mutator for my server, but i'm completely lost as to what i need to chuck into this to replace...