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  • Hi Yosh, could you help a fellow out and approve my Grindhouse Entry in the KF2 Level Design / Beta Map releases section ? Thanks & cheers !
    I would like you to reconsider your decision to ban me from the KF 2 forums on steam. I feel i was unfairly banned and blocked from Twitter to. I see many people doing far worse on the forums and nothing happens to them. If you aren't going to ban me then just give me a justifiable reason. User name abugaj
    Hello, I would like if possible to add my server to rankeds, I have done all procedures on Sunday (15) or second (16), can not remember for sure but still unranked and this is already boring that nobody wants to play on unranked servers.
    Please if you have anything I can do I thank you.
    PS: Sorry for the English'm on google translator.

    server IP:
    Hey I'm new here and I just had a question. So I tried posting a thread in the group/squad section and it said I needed moderator approval or something? Was just wondering if I could have that approved. Also is that a feature every time you post a thread or just if you're new? I'm a moderator on a different forum that also uses vbulletin so I'm sort of familiar with some of the settings haha
    hey yoshiro could you please put the Beta SNLF mutator on the tripwire redirect. The server admin of BANZAI server cannot add these historically accurate skins unless they are on the TWI redirect
    Hi Yoshiro,is it true that this next update is only beta on only TW servers,or available on all servers?
    Excuse me good sir, I would like to inquire about the Firebug T4 weapon. Go ahead and quietly whisper it in my ear, I won't tell. Is it a husk cannon? Nah, it's something else isn't it? No one would believe me anyway. I'm not working for Alan undercover.
    Hey Yoshiro, since no one looks really at the RO 1 tech forums, would ya mind just lookin at my thread and helping me out a bit? If possible mate it would be great.
    Will tripewire ever put more than 6 player server xp back? If not how do I work on geting a refund, This game is no fun on 3 maps and 6 players. Take that bs to console, You guys forgogt we are on PC. Where modding still lives.. Hello?
    I bought this game on Steam on Thursday 3/12/15: RO2 with Rising Storm (ROW) for 19.99 USD. Upon purchasing it I received 3 files on my steam account to download: "Rising Storm Beta", "Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stanlingrad Beta", and "Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer".

    First of all, why did I receive betas? I purchased the full game which was released in 2011. There's nobody on the beta servers now so they're useless. Also, the multiplayer seems to work fine except it's only the Rising Storm mp, not Red Orchestra 2. I don't think I'm able to access it.

    Finally, there's no single player! There's no option anywhere to play! Only on the "Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stanlingrad beta" is there a single player option but it's greyed out and I'm unable to select it.

    I've searched this problem online and it seems other people have been having the same issue:



    I asked the Steam Support about this problem and they took a month to get back to me. They said contact the developer for further information. So that's what I'm doing.
    Please Help!!
    Pm'ing about the forum mod. Have lite experience in forum moderation back when i was active in UT2004 and the Drylobster Assault community. I live in Roswell, down the road from Andretti's and work at the Target on Hardscrabble and Hwy. 92. I pass your office on the way to work.

    Im interested for the shear fact of lacking a mod apparently. I see you need a mod to approve a post now? I posted a simple question almost 10 hours ago and its still not up. I would be around enough to approve those and deny them at least twice a day on my busy days. Along with keeping the boards moderated with an un-biased opinion about any games or activity dealing with but not excluding the Tripwire Company.
    Hi Yoshiro, currently having an issue with KF2. Can't get any audio whatsoever in the game. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers!
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