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    Steam or retail?

    Well, seeing that I get a discount for owning RO1, I'm tempted to get a digital version, but then existing only as a mark on my Steam account isn't something RO2 deserves in my mind. So, I ask you: Why should/n't I get the Steam version now? What are the goodies I get for buying early compared...
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    Basovka Railway Station (makes a movie appearance)

    I was watching Sven Hassel's "Wheels of Terror" (or "The Misfit Brigade") the other day and was surprised to see a station house looking a lot like that in Basovka... They were like two identical brothers! I wonder if this scene in the movie was the source of inspiration for the map? Anybody...
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    Shooting an MG42 (video) Look at this guy shooting an MG42 from a standing position!
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    My compliments for Basovka

    Thanks to whoever can be thanked for creating Basovka. It's a wonderful map, and I really enjoy playing the Germans and assaulting those trenches. In fact, I can't seem to get enough of it! Luckily there are always people who enjoy camping as much as I enjoy assaulting, so the Russian side is...
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    A fair, somewhat more realistic AT system

    So how can we make the AT system realistic that is fair to the AT-class? PzFausts were not limited to PAK-Soldats alone, but giving all riflemen PzFausts at spawn doesn't sound like a good idea either, because this would finally destroy the idea of being PAK-Soldat. Some have argued that the...
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    Tanks: Points and Spawn

    Rumble rumble, the sound of heavy tracks tells you that a tank is approaching. You whip out your PzFaust and blam! The tank goes up in flames! - Only to be replaced by another in ten seconds... Woot? Admittedly, the East Front was rather nasty, but it wasn't THIS nasty. The ratio of tanks to...
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    Trench telescope

    Wouldn't it be grand if snipers would get the trench telescope that Vasili Zaitsev uses in Enemy at the Gates? These were applied in WWII, and they are the origins of modern Optiwands used by special forces and SWAT teams. This would allow the sniper to spot for targets or look for enemy snipers...