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    Model and texture

    Not 100% sure if this is the right place, but anyhow, here goes. I got a static model ingame, i also got a texture. My problem is how to get the texture "Linked" with the model. How do i do that? When i use the thing in "display" the tex is definatly wrong on the model. Please help!!!!
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    Problem with a brush...

    I got a problem with the circlebrush or whatever it is called. When i am mapping and i use this, after i have added a few of those circles, the editor crashes and i get the standard windows message "UnRealEd has stopped working...". What is causing this? I seriously doubt my computer is to...
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    Make a new weapon out of Tankcannon

    Not sure if i put this in the right place, but here goes. Can i say take the Tiger cannon and make it into a weapon i can place somewhere in a map and use it? And also, can i scale it and will it still work? Thanks for all answers!
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    Help - how to xWeatherEffect

    My question is simple, how do i make this work step by step.
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    RO or Steam global error?

    This has happened to 3 of members in my clan. They start to launch RO, but get an error message: "Try again later" or something like that. I told them what they could try, re-installing RO and alot of other stuff... This was quite irritating last night and it still is a problem... anyone know...
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    Guest passes - BIGGEST MISTAKE!

    Well, to tell a tale short... This has more or less messed up with RO and especially on big servers. What these passes has done, is to let to many noobs play and ruining the game for us more experienced and/or realism players. What these noobs tend to do is following: 1: Not following any...