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Recent content by vealck

  1. vealck

    Xbow bug

    Category: Animation Reproducibility: Always Summary: Xbow appears loaded when it's not Description: The bug is simple: when you interrupt reloading animation (bash/sprint), the xbow will look like is loaded (there's a bolt and everything), but actually isn't (current ammo counter shows 0)...
  2. vealck

    Break A Thousand Before KF2

    Me. And it's my third account. I suspect I might be somewhere near 4k total. I need help.
  3. vealck

    List of new things in the new trailer.

    Nah, that's another gorefast flailing in pain.
  4. vealck

    Zed spawning system

    I would like to discuss the zed spawning system in KF2. Can we know something about it at this point? I guess I'll point out here the main issues that we have in KF1 to make sure they are being addressed in the coming sequel. Line of sight check Well, let's face it, spawning system in KF1 is...
  5. vealck

    KFO-Transit broken

    When I play solo or host a listen server, there is no weapons, no zeds, and can't open first door. When I try to connect to some other server, some are ok, but most of them shows package version mismatch. Verified KF cache twice already, it reported 1 corrupted file and said it would be...
  6. vealck

    Scrake Marathon

    Scrake Marathon Rules are simple: Hoe, 6 players spawned, testmap, dedicated server. Pick perk and loadout of your choosing. Zerk is not allowed due to unlimited ammo. Get full armor and ammo. Start spawning and killing scrakes in the testmap lane. Edit: One scrake at a time. No healing. No...
  7. vealck

    9MM challenge!

    9MM challenge aiming OP! Rules are as follows: hell on earth, one player, sharpshooter perk, and as the name suggests - you kill everything with your 9MM only. No other weapons, no armor, no grenades allowed. you are allowed to switch to knife for running anytime you want, but don't use it to...
  8. vealck

    New toys in action

    So, how's going playing with the new toys? So far came up with two demo combos for 6man HoE: Scrake: 6-pack to the face, reload, change to spikegun, empty the mag (don't reload) - this stuns the SC - two hand grenades and another 6pack to finish the job. FP: 3 spikes (don't reload), two hand...
  9. vealck

    Light Squad Challenge!

    Light Squad Challenge General idea: hell on earth difficulty, you play with only one, class-specific, low or mid-tier weapon. Of course you're also allowed to buy armor and use default equipment: 9mm, knife, grenades. Also, machete is allowed for all perks but zerker. Additionally, to spice...
  10. vealck

    Knife'em All Challenge

    So... with the ongoing debate of zerker being overpowered and all, me and my buddy came up with an idea: Knife'em All Challenge (dunno, maybe somebody did this before?) Rules are simple enough: hell on earth, one player, and as the name suggests - you kill everything with your knife only. No...
  11. vealck

    A way to make zerk's life more interesting...

    In other words, I thought about a way to make gameplay as a zerk a little more challenging without changing the stats - just by adjusting zed behavioural patterns. Surely every zerk knows that irritating moments when zeds have some 'trouble' with the pathing in close quarters, and instead...
  12. vealck

    The most useless offperk weapon

    Playing most times as a medic I usually depend on offperk weapons. But some of them are just a bad choice. So, as the title says, vote! Nominees are: Mac 10 (too much spread to aim off sights, too low power for panic weapon) M4 203 (price is insane even for demo, reload times, shared...
  13. vealck

    Resolution for the weapon order issues

    Ok, so lots of people are unsatisfied with weapon's order in their categories, as we see on flamethrower/mac thread, and so on. I came up with an idea after playing a medic with MP5, M79 and LAR (all belonging in the same weapon slot). Let's just say my team was poorly healed and crawlers were...
  14. vealck

    Bullpup revival thread

    I think good ol' bullpup became severely under-appreciated these days. I mean, some of you surely remember its golden days when it was the only commando weapon :rolleyes: Now, to see someone using it is a rarity, especially on suicidal and HoE. It's either a weapon you buy if you happen to have...
  15. vealck

    How long levelling medic really takes

    Some time ago I bought another copy of KF on some nice sale (about 3$!), got a new steam account and began my experiment: how long it takes to level medic in an actual gameplay (no grinding). I played on hard (didn't want to be kicked all the time), used my standard medic loadout (Medgun, HC...