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    KF2 Redirect Server for Public

    Hi fellow gamers, Like KF1 redirect server, I have also started on KF2 albeit late. I am adding maps to the redirect server as of this writing. I have problems with Steam Workshop quite often and I found redirect server to be the most hassle free. You can use the redirect server located at...
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    KF few mods server not joinable until restart

    Hi I have run 2 instances on the same server with ?multihome parameter. I have 1 instance that's a vanilla with no special mutators. It works just fine. I am using ServerPerks on the second one for test and I cannot seem to connect. However restarting the server allows one to connect. I leave...
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    KF Uncapped Dedicated server resource mirror no strings

    I have been a long time KF player. Currently playing on modded servers and realize the download of resources is sometimes slow or too bad to be usable. I used to run KF dedicated server but just found it too much of a hassle to maintain or get the mods working. At least as compared to my other...