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Recent content by Valken

  1. V

    Request - Brutal Killing Floor pretty please?!

    So after I unlocked Steampunk Mrs Foster, I jumped into a few other games such as ARMA 3 beta while waiting for the Summer Event to be over, since I missed playing on larger custom servers such as WPCs' servers and The Dedicated which I normally would visit. In anycase, I found and jumped back...
  2. V

    Supernatural Signs

    I got caught up in the Halloween Event and drama over the DLC, then forgot about this. Right before I had to restart Steam to update KF to the new content, I noticed this on my KF game screen and took a screenshot. Hmm... No green vomit, 360 rotating heads, smell of hellfire and brimstone...
  3. V

    Perks Reset?!

    I haven't gamed for over a week due to a personal trip and upon return, KF updated, but when I join perk enabled games, all my perks have reset to zero! In fact, when I join perk enabled internet servers, it seems none of the stats are being recorded! I'm as clean as a virgin! I tried a solo...
  4. V

    Weapons Commodity Mod

    For future updates, would it be possible to make a global weapons commodity mode? Basically, all official or optional servers can enable weapons commodity mode. Once enabled, all weapons purchased on participating servers would upload those stats back to TWI and over time, the price of the...
  5. V

    Request - Chicken attack mutator or weapon

    I was playing on one of my favorite servers,The Dedicated, and there were a few regulars who play there with the Chicken suit most of the time. We got the last round and only one of the Chicken suit player was left with the Patty, out of 30+ players! So I had the idea that it would be funny if...
  6. V

    REQ: Patriarch Cam for spectators

    Can someone code a cam mutator so spectators on the last round can see in both first and third person as the Patriarch? This is really useful on bigger than 6 player servers since the games lasts longer and its more entertaining to see the game from his view as the remaining players attempt to...
  7. V

    Request - port maps

    I've actually PM'ed a couple of mappers but have no response so would post this publicly... Can someone help port these UT 2004 maps from Angelheart to KF? DM-Urotsukidoji http://www.mapraider.com/maps/?fileid=2261 DM-2019-XS http://www.mapraider.com/maps/?fileid=3940 DM-Blackhawk...
  8. V

    Is there a custom Monster Specimen Selector like shop selector?

    I was looking at all the monster mutators out there and wondered if there was a generic mutator that can let us select and manage different monsters and specimens, like those invasion monster managers for UT2K4? For instance, instead of loading the brute, shiver and doom3 mutators fully, have...
  9. V

    Bring back the chicken suit for Thanksgiving

    As the title states in case I and others can't win the chicken suit, please have a Thanksgiving weekend event and give us a second chance at it. And give us longer than 1 week to achieve it because it is xtremely hard unless more than half the players are at level 5+!! :D Thanks TWI!
  10. V

    RQ - Port LOTD characters and zombies

    Request - is it possible to port the player models from LOTD over to KF as a mutator and add it, not replace, it into the game so players can select it? It should use the KF animation I would think. Also, would it be possible to port the shambling zombies over from LOTD to KF as an addon...