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Recent content by Uurastaja

  1. Uurastaja

    .ini tweaks for performance boost & better visuals?

    Since full AA and 1920x1200 don't seem to remove jaggyness for me, I'm wondering if there's a way to make the game look more enjoyable. Also after switching post-processing to low and disabling bloom the graphics still look blurry even on highest settings. Any object in the distance is hard to...
  2. Uurastaja

    [Image] James Van Der Memes

    James Van Der wasn't very flattered by the "Dawson's Greek crying gif" that has been circulating on the net, so he decided to compile alternative gifs on his website for teenagers to use instead of the old one. http://www.jamesvandermemes.com/page/1
  3. Uurastaja

    What are you looking most forward to in RO2?

    Ever since I read about the possibility to play the Stalingrad campaign in co-op, I knew RO2 would be in a league of its own. Co-op modes should be included more often in games, unless developing a good AI is a problem. Anyone else? :IS2:
  4. Uurastaja

    An Unknown Steam error is preventing you from connecting to this server

    Hi, When I try to join a game, I get the message "An Unknown Steam error is preventing you from connecting to this server. If the problem persists please contact Valve for support." I tried to exit Steam, delete ClientRegistry.blob, restart Steam and KF, but it didn't help. Any ideas?
  5. Uurastaja

    [Game] Battlestations: Pacific

    http://www.battlestations.net/news/?id=15 YouTube - Battlestations Pacific Gameplay (Gametrailers.com) Just heard about this rather interesting action RTS game that is being developed and published by Eidos, apparently to be released soon on May 12th in North America and on May 15th in Europe...
  6. Uurastaja

    CBS and haxornews

    http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=4901282n A "hacker hunter" named Dan Jackson claims that young Russian kids shown in the picture above, who in reality are Finns, gain money by hacking. The kids are no hackers, they just posted the picture in a Finnish image gallery many years ago and...
  7. Uurastaja

    Disconnections with wlan USB adapter

    I bought a D-Link DWL-G122 wlan USB adapter so that I could have a wireless connection for my PC, but after a few minutes of usage, the connection disconnects and Zyxel's configuration website opens saying that I have no DSL connection. Minute later the connection works, but soon it disconnects...
  8. Uurastaja

    Updating my rig, need some advice

    Hi, I tried to ask this question in another hardware related forum, but since I got no answers I decided to come here to see if I could get help from people who have more experience with Red Orchestra. RO is one of the few games I play these days and I need to update my components...