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Recent content by Uffz.Juschkat

  1. Uffz.Juschkat

    Buying an SVT-40

    I'm thinking about buying an SVT-40, is there anywhere I can find out some great information on the weapon and what is correct as far as prices go? The one I am thinking about buying is $800 and has a plumb colored bolt, I've heard that that is a post war thing, is that right? Thanks
  2. Uffz.Juschkat

    Finnish history

    Are there any Finns out there that can show me a good book about Finnish history? I have been very interested in Finland since researching the Winter war and Continuation war. I would like to know a little bit more about Finnish history in general though, so any help would be appreciated!
  3. Uffz.Juschkat

    Why so much arguing?

    I'll tell you! After reading up on the new screenshots thread and seeing the opinions, it seems that things are going downhill quickly. With the realism people nothing is good enough and an understanding of server controls isn't understood, while with the people who don't know anything about WW2...
  4. Uffz.Juschkat

    German winter uniforms

    I don't understand why tripwire isn't staying with the mantels (wool trench coats)... First I'd like to say that if you're going to give the Germans parkas, give them ones that existed, because green parkas are non-existent. Use the mouse grey/white or splinter/white parkas. Second, this is...
  5. Uffz.Juschkat


    I don't know if its just me, but I hope this tanker will receive a haircut by the time beta testing comes out. He definitely needs his sideburns trimmed up a bit, this isn't a 1960's-1970's World War II film ;)
  6. Uffz.Juschkat

    German Uniforms

    I've noticed that there really isn't any variation in uniforms on both sides. Seeing that I know the German side better I wanted to ask if there is going to be any variation in uniforms such as a M-36 or M-40 since these two styles were in use. (Also note the M41, but there really wasn't any...
  7. Uffz.Juschkat

    German anti-tank weapons

    So seeing that the panzerfaust or panzerschreck wasn't in the battle of Stalingrad, I was wondering what weapons are going to be thrown in for an anti-tank soldier. I know the Germans had the panzerb