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  1. Typewriter

    Xbox 360 controller anomaly

    It's a well known fact that RO2, as a pure PC game, doesn't support Xbox 360 controller. But every time I shoot a Mosin Nagant rifle ingame, my 360 controller for Windows, that I use to play some games, purrs on my table as it was force feedback from the game (sorry for my English in this...
  2. Typewriter

    A few things I've noticed

    First, I'd like to thank you for the extra XP week, TW. It allowed me to finally get the drum for my PPSh and I love it now :cool: I managed to unlock the double-mag for the MP40 as well and I've noticed that when I have both mags in the gun empty and only one mag left in the inventory, I can't...
  3. Typewriter

    Balance complaint... again

    I know everyone's probably fed up with this thread but I'm just disappointed with the team balance :( I haven't played as a German since the full game was released, for the German team being constantly overcrowded I can only join the Russian team... and loose. Well, since the Russians are...