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Recent content by Twrecks

  1. Twrecks

    [WIP] Panther Sd.Kfz.171

    LOL, April fools!
  2. Twrecks

    [wip] lcvp

    I've had interest by a few individuals to work on this project. 1st, let me say "THANKS!" :) Here's the reference pic I started with, its the main LCVP used by the Coast Guard and Navy. 2 or more were on every LST (Landing Ship, Tank. Affectionately known as Large Slow Targets). The...
  3. Twrecks

    [WIP] M3 Halftrack

    After getting hooked by some bait (bad free models), went and fished buckets of reference material to build me a M3 Halftrack. First is the suspension, if I can't get this to work no point to continuing the voyage. So here's the 3d stuff I just did up. Needs to be exported into 3dsMax...
  4. Twrecks

    RO2 TE-Yakovlevo_CA FINAL

    Finally, this is it, no more updates: https://www.mediafire.com/?smmdaba7kp5pri5 182MB Also available on the Steam Workshop. Featuring all new content from the Armored Assault update, Yakovlevo is a really big map for tank and transport fun. With 3 paired objectives, for a total...
  5. Twrecks

    No resupply box for MG42?

    Observation: Resupply stations make the noise, but fail to resupply the MG42 ammo. Only way to resupply ATM is for someone else to come up to you and resupply (use). Intentional or not?
  6. Twrecks

    RO2 TE-Yakovlevo FINAL

    Many thanks to Mike Nomad and the crew at RGN for consistant playresting, feedback, and most of all HOSTING CUSTOM MAPS :) Thanks also to the members of the TWI forums, especially: Major Day and G Sajer for their consistant support of the Beta, and -=THOR=- for helping with server info. A...
  7. Twrecks

    RS [wip] RSTE-Makin

    Makin' Makin, October 1943, AKA Butaritari. Map is only of the Japanese defensive area, a strip of land 100m wide x 800m long. Already laid out 3 pairs of objectives, for a total of 6. Allies will attack from the West (left in overhead map). First set of objectives is the Western Tank...
  8. Twrecks

    RO2 Final Map Releases

    Looking forward to seeing the RO2 Final Map Releases forum populated with the upcoming official community maps. Pity the TWI stock maps don't have a place for proper feedback.
  9. Twrecks

    [MAP] TE-Yakovlevo

    TE-Yakovlevo: Operation Citadel 0300 hours. Spearheading Generaloberst Hermann Hoth's 4th Panzer Army attack on the southern Kursk salient is three SS panzergrenadier divisions commanded by SS-Obergruppenf
  10. Twrecks

    [Map-WIP] Yakovlevo

    Making a Tank map, supports 64 players and still needs stuff like trees and more buildings for the village. Just thought I'd post some screenies because I'm needing some egoboo to push this puppy to release. Back story when it goes beta.
  11. Twrecks

    Skins for tanks

    SInce I like Tanks, and cannot deny, can we get skins so we can customize our rides? It would be nice to atleast have some kind of markings available for squad identification, maybe just tags with a text field (with color?) in the world properties to I.D. each tank. Better still if we could...