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Recent content by [TW]Wilsonam

  1. [TW]Wilsonam

    Some developer thoughts on the Green Army Men DLC

    To people asking about some of the rationale about the Green Army Men mod... the GAM team have been working entirely in their spare time, on the mod for a couple of years - and we want to encourage them to continue to do so. We (all) want to see them make new content, new maps, as well as fix...
  2. [TW]Wilsonam

    Closed Beta Wave 2 Feedback

    Thanks once again to everyone who played in the second wave of the closed beta - both the "main event" and the extra time to focus on the Skirmish game mode. Also, thanks to all those who completed the surveys - we do analyse them and they do help! Some quick stats for y'all: about 30% of beta...
  3. [TW]Wilsonam

    Initial feedback and thanks on Closed Beta Round 1

    ohnein has already thrown out the quick thanks, but here's a bit more for you... We still had a good number of responses on the survey coming in Tuesday night. Total was pushing 650 by the middle of Wednesday, when we closed it off. A few more of you apparently went to the survey but decided...
  4. [TW]Wilsonam

    Regional pricing for KF2

    Ok, been asked this a number of times. Here's clarity on what pricing we have entered (I just can't remember which of these Steam actively uses yet): EDIT - its been drawn to my attention that not all these currencies are actually live on Steam. Split the list, so that the first lot SHOULD be...
  5. [TW]Wilsonam

    Alan Wilson live on Twitch

    Channel - AbsorbicApple Come find me!
  6. [TW]Wilsonam

    Armored Assault Pack for RO2/RS

    And the next update for you: Armored Assault! We are now providing another free update to RO2/RS. This time, new vehicles, weapons and contest-winning maps! German MG 42 Light Machinegun Soviet T-70 Light Tank German Panzer IIIM Light/Medium Tank Contest Map: Kobura - Americans defending a...
  7. [TW]Wilsonam

    [Game] Rebuild of 1997 hit "Netstorm" - Free!

    Any of you old enough to have been playing games back in 1997 may remember one called "Netstorm: Islands at War", published by Activision, which got a 91 in PC Gamer's review. A little while ago, we got involved with the guys, as they were using the "Rising Storm" name for a free, fan-built...
  8. [TW]Wilsonam

    [Game] A fun Kickstarter?

    This one is being produced by some friends: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dicewrench/wild-wings It includes support for Operation Supply Drop, the opportunity to get yourself a 3D printed plane (and these are good 3D prints, by the way - we've been testing the tech out ourselves!) - and...
  9. [TW]Wilsonam

    RS PC Gamer - Rising Storm v Battlefield 4

    Well, here's one we REALLY love. PC Gamer are currently running their series of "2013 in PC Gaming". And this one is a classic for all Red Orchestra/Rising Storm fans - the PC Gamer team discussing Rising Storm vs Battlefield 4 here: 2013 in PC gaming: Rising Storm vs. Battlefield 4 - YouTube...
  10. [TW]Wilsonam

    Killing Floor: Calamity launches on OUYA!

    And here it is - now available to buy on the OUYA - Killing Floor: Calamity. Some details: [LIST] A new take on the smash PC hit Killing Floor, designed and built specifically for couch gaming on the OUYA in a top-down Arcade Shooter format! Play solo or with a friend with 2 player Co-op on...
  11. [TW]Wilsonam

    Humble Weekly Bundle time again!

    And it is time for another Humble Weekly Bundle - this time based on ACE Team and Tripwire Interactive. Zeno Clash 1 and 2, Killing Floor and Dwarfs!? at the core - Rock of Ages and Rising Storm for a little extra dosh! Runs for the week - watch the counter on the front page!
  12. [TW]Wilsonam

    KF Twisted Christmas - and Harchier

    Yes, it is that time of year again. Time for the 4th running of our alternative holiday event - the Killing Floor Twisted Christmas. Just what you all need to take the edge off the endless rounds of parties, shopping and eating too much. This year we are bringing you not 1, but 2 new maps, for...
  13. [TW]Wilsonam

    New mini-campaign - and Harchier

    There is a new update for The Ball now live. A new 2-hour puzzle level, free if you own the game. And for those Killing Floor players who have always wanted to get their hands on Harchier Spebbington as a playable character in KF, we have created a new version of him for you. The original...
  14. [TW]Wilsonam

    KF You wanted a Ball character...

    Well, so many people have wanted their own Harchier Spebbington - the hero from The Ball - that we decided to do something about it for you! Everyone who pre-ordered The Ball back in the day got a free playable character character in Killing Floor - and that character will remain just for those...
  15. [TW]Wilsonam

    KF Killing Floor Halloween - Fright Yard!

    Its Halloween and time for the Killing Floor Hillbilly Horrors to be let loose on the world again. This year, they have taken over Martel Halliday's Freight Yard, turning it into a Killing Floor Fright Yard. Free, as always, is the new map, in both Objective Mode and Wave Mode, along with new...