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  • evening we made the demende to spend our ranked server and still no new



    could you help us

    thank you
    I'm already despair,please TWI help me!!! my server all the time change to unrnak
    my server( [RO2 CHINA]KPTK RO2 Rank server) not fix, now still is unrank,

    originally my server is rank mode, after auto change to unrank, I need my server always fixed in "rank list" please help me ~
    Mr. R.J.

    HoS was totally worth the wait. Thank you for creating such an excellent game. I think alot of people on the forums have too much time on their hands to piss and complain.

    Please know your work is appreciated.

    Reiter Roland Kaul
    Erste Gruppe
    24 Panzer Division - Panzergrenadier Regiment 26
    Hello Ramm-Jaeger,

    I have only 1 question, 72H ago my game provider (beneluxgaming.com)ask for a ranked server, now the server is ranked thx for that! but still not showing up in server browser.Wat do we wrong or something else we can do?
    name=V2[BE] OSTFRONT
    We hope that we can play very soon.

    Thx in advance en greetings.
    Mr Vain
    Hey Ramm,
    I dont know about everybody else but personally I think RO2 is freaken awesome... just my opinion. Its one of the most epic, detailed and realistic shooters ive played so far and i can tell that the dev's put a lot of work into the game. Of course it isnt perfect but no game ever is when it is released so i have trust in Tripwire that you guys will get everything smoothed out nd fixed :D

    I've seen that my post was deleted. Do you practice censorship in your forum ?

    An unhappy custormer.
    (posted elsewhere but it's addressed to you.)

    Dear, Mr. R.J

    I was luvin' your games (Trip Wire) from the UR.RO. days.
    Well, I've really appreciated what you all at Trip Wire have brought to the gaming community. I would call it a WELL WORTH WAIT, (sorry to scream like that, but I did want it to catch the attention and prove a valid point.)
    If you know RO. You know that this game and these guys, and all the other 'guys' that are out there making insanely awesome 'Mods' games from your engine.. I mean, that's initially what your company started from, right?And you see how awesome you've become... So you share that awesome-ness over. You allow others to be awesome!... I digress.

    If you know RO... you KNOW, - - How awesome it will become!

    You KNOW! How inSSANE! tihs gmae wlil Be!

    You, - KNOW!, how awesome all the mods we'll be seeing.
    The - updates that make the game even better!
    This is a big update that they did, to bring this game to a console... (period)

    So they working this big *** patch to 'let a homie in'...
    So we can, "hop on up, lil' DOwG!
    we gonn'a CLAP! you in 'dis' here PonD!
    -feel me?-

    True though,

    From the HEART.

    I wish you all the very best success in your career.
    You've done an awesome thing in my life.
    The kind of entertainment you all bring is (for lack of a better way to put it) Addicting...
    I'm not trying to say it in a bad way.
    I'm just familiar with addiction.

    In truth. In as much an addict needs his dose...
    .. There are those of us, that need to 'Trip-Wire' to get what's most..

    Loving it always,



    I'm David, representing NLS.ES ( Game-Server provider in Spain )

    We want to offer red orchestra 2 in our catalog and we wanted to know the requisites to be in the hosting partners.

    We have deals with THQ, EA sports ( All sagas ) and we want to grant our clients the best experience in RO2. Thanks,
    very sorry to report this: my game performance suffers horribly on the new maps since the patch. i was running buttery smooth 60-66fps, MAYBE dropping to mid-50's in intense fights on medium settings. now i bump around from 20-50 on barracks, with crippling lag. AMD Ph II x3 720, 4gigs pc1333, HD6870, Win7-64. Hoping for the best, wish you guys well....please get this right.
    Fanbase Front Line Status Report: 30 August 2011.

    Forums are crashing...fanboys raging...trolls have reduced the once pristine forum to rubble...harassing and meme'ing any whom browse its now blood stained pages...F5 rations depleted...no word from Steam or D2D...awaiting reinforcements from glorious red army. Send ammunition, beta keys, rations, boots. Tell Uncle Joe that I died fighting the forum trolls for glory of mighty Red Orchestra [STOP][/STOP]
    Just an FYI: You need 4 more posts to be 1337 :) (Total Posts 1,333) - Also, thank you for the work you've (all of you at TW) done.
    Hey! I really want to get help in the RO2 general forum in the streaming thread, but it says I need a moderator to aprove my message. Is this something you can fix? =)
    Sorry for my bad english... Greetings from Argentina!
    Dear Ramm-Jaeger,

    I have been modding some of your RO files recently and wanted to thank you for making this fantastic game.

    I have been making new skins for the vehicles, you can see my work in action on the 10PzD servers online. I hope you like them. So far my changes have only been cosmetic but it has led to our game servers now being about twice as popular as they were.

    Thanks again.

    ramm you are great just keep up the good work and publish the best game in the universe :D. And one question, will HoS be available in Serbia?
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