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Recent content by ToNiO

  1. ToNiO

    [Game] Plants vs Zombies 2

    PLANTS VS ZOMBIE 2 In case you were wondering, Plants vs. Zombies franchise isn't dead yet. Back in August, developer PopCap announced that the massively popular survival game was getting a sequel. Today, PopCap revealed that Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time will arrive sometime in July...
  2. ToNiO

    [Game] The Haunted: Hells Reach

    The Haunted: Hells Reach Many players among you already know this game as a mod of Unreal Tournament 3.For those who do not know,I give you the link for the mod if you want to try.You must Unreal Tournament 3 for test the mod: http://www.moddb.com/mods/the-haunted But now all this in...
  3. ToNiO

    Community Serveur KFK

    Hello everyone, I have many servers on different sets of gameplay You have everything you need for fun :) If you are interested in our servers, please feel free to join our group http://steamcommunity.com/groups/KFK44 we already have many players worldwide who play on our servers,come have...
  4. ToNiO

    Server crash since last update on the event

    Hi,since some days with the launch of the event circus,I have a problem with some server freeze by moment Before this update, all my servers working fine and I never had a freeze of my servers, the worst is that my server is not visible on the games, but you can reach without problems but you...
  5. ToNiO

    Few questions

    Hello, I have a big server 35 slots, and I'm looking of some mutator for modify few details on my server. First question do you have mutator CashMut? it's to change the number of money early in the game or even if you have another idea I'm interested, because I would like 1000 at the outset of...
  6. ToNiO

    [Game] Dead Rising 2

    [CENTER] [COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#b0aeac]The sequel to the million-plus selling Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2 takes the zombie survival horror to Fortune City, America
  7. ToNiO

    [Video] Hell pizza zombie

    HELL PIZZA ZOMBIE Hell Pizza is a chain of pizza delivery in New Zealand who has posted on youtube a little movie with interactive inside the pizza of course but mostly action, adventure, emotion,a blonde in longshoreman and especially ZOMBIES! YouTube - ‪Interactive zombie movie adventure...
  8. ToNiO


    Hello That for some days I have maps that no longer works perks the system at whitlist is it stable??? Because I have three maps in a few days no longer works on my servers perks while before they all functioned very well: KF-DeathBasinsSands KF-Stadium KF-Laboratory-FIN These are the...
  9. ToNiO


    Hi, I did some testing on my servers :) And I noted that we could kick or ban a player by reason :) How does it mention a reason to eject the player before??? :o If yes so what command is needed??? :) Thank you in advance for your answers :) ToNiO
  10. ToNiO

    Delete map is it possible to deleve the map not cycle

    Hi, My question is simple ;) Is it possible to deleve the map not cycle??? I want to add a map that I have already added before and therefore I want to delete this list that can take me as the conflict between certain map Thank you in advance for your help :D Sorry guys for the main title...
  11. ToNiO

    Chat Filter

    Hello Here I have a small problem for the stats chat log of mutator ServerExt 110 In fact I installed the mutator system in my server but when I add the command to install this one: [Engine.GameEngine] ServerActors=ServerExt.StatsChatLog And thereafter I restart my server control disappears...
  12. ToNiO

    [Game] Dirt2

    Hi guys, I present DIRT2 to you the famous continuation continuation until one waited all You can tested the demonstration to see what resembles the plays: http://computergames.ro/en/downloads/viewitem/id/15529/name/colin-mcrae-dirt-2-demo.html [CENTER] [LIST]...
  13. ToNiO

    Server Web Admin

    Hello to all, Here is I wondered to what is of use this command and how the used: ADMIN set UWeb. Webserver bEnabled True In what I understood its allows to be able to accedez in admin Web on the game? Unless I make a mistake??? If somebody knows how to take himself there I am to interest...
  14. ToNiO

    Mutator Perks LvL 6

    Hi all, I wanted to know if somebody knows how to create a mutator??? Because I would like to make my own mutator for my server 30 slots And I would like that everything the players is in lvl6 indeed on by choosing the profile which it want at the beginning What is that you think that...
  15. ToNiO

    Mutator Perks LvL5

    Hello to all, I possess a server 30 slots and I would like that player play all in level 5 from their arrived What is that somebody knows how to take himself there or have a mutator in me proposed?????? Thank you in advance for your assistant :)