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  • static function float GetMovementSpeedModifier(KFPlayerReplicationInfo KFPRI, KFGameReplicationInfo KFGRI)
    if ( KFGRI.GameDiff >= 5.0 ) // If the gametype difficulty is equal to 5 or above
    if ( KFPRI.ClientVeteranSkillLevel <= 2 ) // If this player's level is equal to 2 or below
    return 1.0; // Set to 1.00 (100% - default).
    // If the previous if statement was not true (i.e. not matching the level results above), do this instead.
    return 1.05 + FMin(0.05 * float(KFPRI.ClientVeteranSkillLevel - 3),0.55);
    // 1.05 + Float Minimum number between the two results next: (0.05 multiply float/number (Player's Level - 3) OR 0.55)
    // Basically FMin means smallest number between results. A comma means almost like "or" so the equation is one result, 0.55 is another result.
    // Always do the equations INSIDE the brackets first as it's the same rules as maths in general.
    // Example for level 6:
    // return 1.05 + FMin(0.05 * (6 - 3), 0.55). << This will result to 1.05 + FMin(0.05 * 3), 0.55) !--- 0.05 * 3 = 0.15 ---!
    // And then it will end up being this as remember, it was the smallest number: 1.05 + 0.15 = 1.2 (so 20% extra as 1.00 = 100% (default) and 1.2 = 120%.

    // Missing code here or brackets. Double check it :)

    Sorry for the late reply. I hope this helps out the confusion. For easier results, I would need to actually show you in a real editor or a forum post as then we can use the forum code tag to show how it should look without being a mess.
    It should technically keep going up to the maximum level. What does it come out to be? After level 6, it doubles the previous experience needed and adds it on top.
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