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  1. Thetoad

    Sometime AGO...

    You contacted me concerning a more stringent attitude towards individual personal attacks. How ironic,,,,you be....words can't describe my feelings. At least those people made themselves known to each other. You on the other hand allow me to post,,ONLY WHEN SIGNED IN.... When I leave you...
  2. Thetoad

    Revisionist History

    What are the chances that the evacuation of British troops at dunkerque ,was a fabrication. It was a fact that English & German attaches were speaking to each other in Lisbon,,,capital of intrigue on a way of allowing The troopers to escape in a viable,believable way.The deal was struck.Allow...
  3. Thetoad

    Possible reprieve

    For all,,,, I am all ears.......
  4. Thetoad

    An 88 Question

    As we all know,the mark V1 Panzer or tiger tank was equipped with an 88 mm main gun,,however,,I don't believe this was the same FLAK gun of the same calibre. Even the King Tiger,,of sloped armor was not the same gun.. If I am not mistaken,,they did equip their so called Tank Destroyer,or...
  5. Thetoad

    Man Up

    For a site involved in manly subjects,I find it amazing that not one of the moderators have had the decency to tell me why,,,I am Personna Non Grata. Since I am speaking to you directly,and my so called threads are removed immediately ,,don't you feel you owe me an explanation. I even bought a...
  6. Thetoad


    On You You have succeeded in your attempts to dismiss me,because of your cruel & unusual punishment. What was once a rabid interest in this site,has waned,,,as expected.You all must feel,,oh,,so proud. What I would like,is a reason for my expulsion,given via a private message,or directly to my...
  7. Thetoad

    WW 111 Revisited

    It seemed like only yesterday,yet Milhous Nixon,changed the strategic balance by a visit to the Chinese Premier Chou En Lai. So in 1972,Leonid Brezhnev,feeling isolated,in charge of 1.8 Million Troops,51 thousand tanks,T54/55,T-64's,and the revolutionary BMP-1,felt confident.It was now,,or...
  8. Thetoad

    So Many Men,,,,,,So little Time

    My predictions for the Daytona 500,,,,,,,,,I also should have added,,along with time,,,,,SPACE,,,,,There will be Plenty O ACCIDENTS/CRASHES. THAT IS GUARANTEED,,,,,,with their restrictions on coolant,,,,,,,,,,Its not formula 1,,,but it is the best we got,,,,,,,, Everyone has approximately...
  9. Thetoad

    A Perplexing Query

    Consider a secretary,,,a young nubile actress,,,,fully aware of the dreaded V.P.L.,,,A.K.A.,,,,the visible panty line,,,,,, Is it possible,,,for a woman,,,engaged in light duties,,,,,,,wearing a THONG,,, not to be stained ,,,,heavily,,or otherwise,,,, My personal experience suggests,,,,,it...
  10. Thetoad

    Additional Interests/Hobbies

    I bring this up,,because of the schooling,,,as in crashes,,I have learned to deal with,,flying electric helicopters.I have a Storm 450,,with a flybarless rotor makeup. Electrics,have come into vogue,,because of the advances in LI PO battery technology,,they are able to discharge very large...
  11. Thetoad


    Thetoad is,,,,Are we witnessing the Mayan Doomsday scenario rearing it's ugly head prematurely..Although this cataclysm is scheduled for The winter solstice,December 21st.,mondo weather this so called Winter is somewhat disconcerting to these eyes.In addition,some of the largest solar flares...
  12. Thetoad

    The Most Significant Person,,in..

    The last half of the 20th Century is,,,,, Pope John Paul 2nd Any others who you might consider,,I am all Ears....
  13. Thetoad

    Why Are They Still Kicking The

    Nazis around.After more than sixty years,three generations,,,every night the T.V.stations are chock full of videos you can buy.On the discovery,,,,Military Channel,there is one every fifteen minutes... The answer is simple,,,not the hideous acts,the barbarism,the racism...... It was THEIR...
  14. Thetoad

    What a Shame

    A brilliant artillery designer like Gerald Bull was executed simply for his stance,,,,he cared not about politics.Indeed his naivet
  15. Thetoad

    Where did my imagine thread go?

    I sent a long thread,,,,that was not published.....please check your records,,it was done only a moment ago.